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Global Defense Force 15mm Sci-Fi kickstarter by SLAP miniatures

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Welcome citizen!


The world government has fallen! It falls to us to raise an army to protect and fight for our peace, democracy and freedom! Enlist and support the Global Defence Forces. Join today!


At Slap Miniatures we're seeking the funds to hand craft a new range of 15mm (1/100) scale figures, with the retail copies cast as whole finished pieces in high quality pewter.


There are two sets of figures on offer, both containing one piece pewter castings of 30 individually posed figures. So with your help in bringing this kickstarter to life there will be 60 uniquely posed figures to choose from. I feel this is important, making every soldier in your table top army look and feel like an individual.


The most common soldier in all armies is the humble rifleman, so I've created 30 individually posed riflemen. Furthermore there will also be 30 individually posed 'specialists' to bolster the rifleman.


Amongst the specialists there will be 6 different types of soldier armed with differing weaponry. 5 Rocket troopers, 5 Communication troopers, 5 grenadiers, 5 assault troopers, 5 snipers and 5 machine gunners. I've already made 1 of each of the 6 different types of specialists so you can see what they look like, with the rest to be made during the course of the kickstarter.


There's also rucksacks available too! Who doesn't like those? Suitable for many 15mm figures



I'd just like to explain why I've set the delivery date to July;


March: Running the Kickstarter (and attempting to finish specialist figures before the kickstarter is over).


April: Will have definitely finished the specialist figures.


May: Figures sent off for casting and production.


June: Packaging and posting of everyone's pledges.


July: A spare month, just in case the moulds don't turn out correctly, figures need remastering or the casters are a little late.


As for the Generals pledge, should anyone take one of the three on offer I shouldn't have any difficulty in finishing them when the time comes to ship everyone's pledges.


You can probably tell there is a fair bit of leeway for me to finish sending out everyone's rewards. I'd expect to get everything sent out before July. However with the last kickstarter running late I do not wish to dissapoint anyone, including myself

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Feb 29 2016

Wow, just incredible to have the project funded already!

A massive thank you to all of you thus far who have joined in, it's made me rather happy to say the least to know this project is going forward.

I've only just got back from the 'part-time' job so in need of some sleep. Tomorrow however I intend to show you the initial stages of how the figures are made. Something I'll continue to do during the kickstarter just in case some of you are interested to see the process as it were.

I've been asked to take photos of the figures with other ranges and even questions about future plans. Needless to say I'll get round to covering these over the course of the kickstarter. Just not now, I really need some sleep :)

Remember though the more funds I can get the easier it will be for me to go beyond what's on offer here to produce more in terms of figures, background and rules. So please share this project with your friends.

Anyway, until later thank you all again.


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Mar 4 2016
GDF Update 2 - Work in progress and news.

Hi everyone.

Been rather busy this past week with getting down to work on the remaining GDF specialists. I've posted the first few stages so you can see exactly how they're made;

First of all I drill through either arm socket where I'd already made what I call a limb plug... A little round circle with an indent so that the manual little drill I use goes through straight and true. After going all the way through the torso I then drill through the neck plug to attach the head later on. Lastly a thin galvanised wire is threaded through the torso with green stuff to hold it in place inside the dolly.


 Then the next part is positioning the wire into arms capable of supporting the various weapons. This part is a little tricky with such little figures. Often having to hold the intended weapon against the figure to pose the wire correctly and scrape bits of metal off the weapons or dollies with a scalpel to get the right fit.


 Then it's a case of using my sculpting putty to secure the arms and weapons in place. This all has to be done at the same time otherwise the putty would give no real bond between the weapons, arms and dollies.


 As you can see I haven't entirely got round to posing everyone yet with weapons in place. Still have the chainsaws for the assault troopers to finish before I can attach those and the comms troopers still need positioning as well.

This is by far the most fiddly bit, once this hurdles been jumped The rest of the stages are fairly easy to do, almost as if painting by numbers but of course still requires time.

That's all I have for this update I'm afraid. I need to head out soon as I'm spending this weekend at my mothers, what with it being mothers day on sunday! I will however take a sketch pad with me and some biros in order to sketch out what future figures and heavy weapon teams might look like. Something to look forward too when I get back next week? :)

Thanks everyone and kind regards


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Mar 16 2016
GDF Update 5 - New rewards added!

Hi everyone.

There's been a fair bit of request for options of getting smaller sets, particularly of the specialists.

Because of this I've added several new rewards that should help in that manner. There is a small risk that everyone currently choosing the higher end rewards suddenly changes over to the smaller ones and the project is no longer funded... However I'd like to see more people joining in and hopefully the smaller rewards will achieve that.

I've also added the civvies as a reward, there are a fair few people who have shown interest in them. I was going to add them as a stretch goal, £1600 seemed like a fair number and as that 'target' has been hit about 3 or 4 times now as people join, leave or otherwise lower and increase pledges it seems fair to say the stretch goal has been achieved. (Pulling my hair out here over this I can assure you!)

Without further ado, the new rewards;

8b32cc0f3c15af859281822b17473449_originaScientists, engineers, pen pushers and even other professions are needed by the GDF.
88adb5d36dd33a3b68b2a2aaf6516fe2_originaSometimes all it takes is to have a few thoroughly trained, motivated and well-armed men.
be05a3b5e84c5ac7039f0de31791ceab_originaThis is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
3420a9e10090bc0518e496886e7dff02_originaPatrolling front lines, rear lines, cities or vast wastelands the Combat patrol has everything it needs to combat any immediate threat.

One of our backers was very kind to offer his extensive knowledge of weapons in order to give weaponry used by the GDF proper names and descriptions. Thank you very much John!


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Update from the project creator


Incredibly pleased to say that all of the figures for the Kickstarter are completed.

Rather exciting, as we're on track for getting the figures into a mould next month and with any luck cast as well. Fingers crossed.

Here they are, all the specialists;


Rear shot of the Comms Troopers;


And all of the figures in a group shot. Just to prove I was mad enough to actually make 60 different figs;


Also including freebies for people as well. Some extra troopers and weapons sprues for backers. Not to forget the 10% discount for the SLAP Miniatures webstore.

Join-in now!

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