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Drybrushing Tutorial!


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Having used a lot of drybrushing in my time, and getting a really solid idea of when to use it and what it's good for, this isn't a bad video.  However, there's a lot to cover regarding it, and I feel you've only lightly brushed the surface.


First off, the 'dusty' look that you can get from drybrushing is often a result of an uneven primer or base coat, or simply from not drybrushing for long enough.  What do I mean by that last part?  Well, you generally want to hit a specific location at least 100 times while drybrushing, which will significantly  even out the transition between the lower layer and the current layer.


Now, there are also issues with drybrushing that you did not touch on, the biggest one being that if you haven't fully mastered it yet, it is really easy to get the color where you don't want it to go.  This generally isn't an issue when you're dealing with a large area, but it can make for a lot of touch up on a smaller figure or one with a lot of small details mixed throughout.

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