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More wonderful models!  I do rather like Rapunzel.


Thanks, vegascat. I'm glad you like them. The Faerie isn't Rapunzel, just a local lunatic...I bought a couple of possible minis, but I haven't figure out which one will be her.


Super is the only word......


Thanks, knarthex. That's a nice word for the stuff.


I've been following this project, It's awesome.


You're building a fantasy world with a little dark whacky twist.


Consider me a fan!


Great work!


Thanks once more, Xherman! The strange, dark, twisted, & especially silly parts are just extensions on my personality I suppose. It seems like the World is building itself at times, & I'm just an active observer to the process.

Actually I consider you a friend.

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Pure Malefactus goodness. Now I need to go look at part 2.....


Thanks, KruleBear...I think your Avatar would get on well with The Faerie. I'm glad you like it & I hope you'll enjoy Part II.

I think you are correct. And I liked part II even more.



Thanks, K.B.! The second part is where all the Characters less The Faerie are...I added a couple of close ups also.

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