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AND as promised/threatened Part II:

The Adventurers I:





The Adventurers II:





...The Pig Knights:













...The Henchmen:





AND the Group Portrait:





Work in Progress with some better photos here:





...there you have it...for whatever it's worth.


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Your models always bring a happy smile to my face, even more so when you've painted them.  They're absolutely wonderful!  I'd be hard pressed to pick only one favorite, but the gobbo with the backpack is in the running.


Thanks for the kind reply, vegascat! That was the reaction I was trying for. Here's a couple of closeups of Beastly Burden:



& Friend:





They all have their own personality, I love them!


Thanks for the kind repy, Xherman! Their character is, to a large extent, the work of the sculptor; I just tried to bring it out...I'm delight you think I succeeded in this.


Here's a better view of Amazing Gracie & her Snail, Flash:




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      The Gang.  Unlike most henchmen, these are all unique sculpts.  

      "Bojack Horseman" - The Hawaiian shirt didn't quite come out as I had hoped, the red flowers blended in with the orange shirt, but the yellow really gets the point across so I'm happy.  Not sure how I would do it in the future, maybe use a brighter orange?
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      I like to imagine this guy drew the short straw and was forced to carry the rest of the horde's hoard after they ate their pack animal.

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