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Modified Templar Knight 02330

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02330: Templar Knight. I changed out his original mace as I noticed his hand was missing a thumb and I wanted a more dramatic weapon. I also added a sword to the left side for balance. Still some work to do. C&C is welcome.



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Shading would be nice, agreed.  Looks good though, and your white is nice and pure (not splotchy--though you'll get splotchy again when you start practicing shading white!).

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    • By Citrine
      This guy is Gon'Tarr, Orc Shaman (SKU 3879) in metal from Reaper.  I thought he needed a hat since his head was so flat.  At first I wanted a bowler hat, but I didn't have one laying around so he got a fancy feathered one instead which suits him just fine.  I decided he had been around a while, so a wily dangerous middle-aged orc (or half-orc).  His face was hard to get to hiding under the hat, so its kinda a mess.

    • By Inarah
      I constructed this in the 2018 Bones Mash-up at Reapercon.  The wings do not go with the body, and one of the arms is not original.  I forget what the weapon was but I cut it off the bone handle and added a wicked looking blade from my bits box.  He was kind of boring all in grey and white, so I added a dab of blood, and put some orange into his bat wings.   He's on a Secret Weapon base that has added sand to fill in weird gaps. 


    • By Grumpy Cave Bear
      This is my entry to the 2017 Valentine's Day Painting Contest. I call it "The Ladykiller".
      It's a modified 77207: Dub Bullock, with a bouquet of flowers replacing his usual knife. It appears he's got his eye on some (un)lucky gal...

      This is my first modified figure, and it was a blast.
      I made the roses by glueing a 4mm x 20mm rectangle of putty to a jewelry wire at one end, then rolling it up, pinching it at the bottom. I shaped and spread the petals by poking at the coil of putty with a pin.
      I cut away the mini's knife and drilled a hole through his hand and pushed the bouquet through. The bouquet wrapper was a partly hardened sheet of putty that I wrapped around a shaped filler around the flowers. That partly hardened sheet of putty also produced the ribbon for the Valentine's Day chocolate box, which was just three sheets of putty left to harden, then cut to shape and glued together.
      My daughter says that I could take up the hobby of producing doll-sized food from Fimo clay, if I wanted.
      The Bones version of this model has a mold line down the center of the mini's face, and so the facial features are a bit garbled. I had to trim away flash and do a bit of reconstructive surgery on his nose and chin with superglue applied with the point of a pin.
      The paint job was a bit rushed, because I put off painting until the last minute, then came down with the flu on Wednesday. I pushed through the illness and painted these last three nights, and got it submitted to the contest with less than an hour to spare.
    • By Bathory
      75mm resin mini
      Primed and put mostly together

      The color scheme Todd picked out

      Started the skin

    • By viking_hank
      I finished using the last of the pole arms from the bits pile. I used the pole arms to make the sword blades, the tips of bows to make the hook pommels. I may have gone a little heavy on the biel-tan green got some shine on it that showed up as white. used some pavement rocks and foam white board for the base. I know the brown hair is not cannon(maybe) for a savage Orc  but I like the way it turned out.as always feel free to comment. thanks for looking.

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