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Gynavics, Barbarian Shamaness

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So, you sculpted the clothing and headdress?


Nice work!


I sculpted the clothing, am band, ankle bracelet/toe ring, and spirit hunter - but  I can't take credit for the antlers, they are from the Reaper Stag Lord miniature; sadly the boneyard is closed so I can't get any more :(

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    • By Lidless Eye
      Converted from a base of a Bronze Age Miniatures Dwarf, this piece will represent Alora, a Dwarf Bard from the College of Lore, my wife's character for an upcoming D&D campaign.  Additional pieces came from the Frostgrave Soldiers II and Wizards II kits, a lute from Mega Minis, and a quill recovered from an old Warhammer Empire Soldiers kit.

      It's a bit hard to see in the photos, but as her reason for adventuring is to get over writer's block, her only entry in the book is a tribute to Spongebob's infamous essay.


    • By Flaming Tiki
      I really like this sculpt from Bronze Age Miniatures, they only have him listed by his catalog number, no name. Somehow befitting a barbarian. This is my first "sculpted" base. I took a 1" sq cube and opened up the middle on one side with a jigsaw. Then further "enhanced" with a dremel rotary tool. Added cork, snow (Scene A Rama and Golden extra heavy gel) and a winter tuft (Army Painter). Not done yet, but the base is close. As for the Snowbarian, he is just waiting till I get a bit more comfortable with the brush. By that I mean until I finish my test work on other figs.

    • By cdorf
      In February, I started work on painting up my next Dreadball Team.  This time it was the Kalyashi team from Dreadball Extreme and the Warden.  They turned out pretty well.  These models were rough.  Most were missing ears one was missing an eye.  (Hence the one having an eye patch.)  A lot of the armor details did not carry over from one side of the model to the other.  This was especially true on the legs.  You would start painting a piece of armor only to find that it disappeared on the other side.  Overall it made it really frustrating to work on and I found myself just trying to get a decent tabletop quality.  I tried the best that I could to make them look manageable.  Not my best work.   I will say that with all of my experience with Mantic, these models are a rare bad batch and not indicative of the quality that I normally see from them. Group Shot Injured Player Injured Player Jack Jack Striker Striker Warden  
    • By cdorf
      The last weekend of April I was able to finish some projects that I started way back in February.  First up I have a pair of Bones Skeletons.  I had used the two of them to test a couple of different paint options for a different project and thought that I would give them their time in the sun and finish them off.  They are not perfect, but I think that they turned out ok.           The photos didn't turn out great.  I will admit that I was in a rush as I was trying to get these models finished and posted for the RP Challenge.  I took the time to fix one of them, but I decided to just leave the others as is.
    • By cdorf
      Events over the last few months have kept me away from my painting table.  Between a shoulder injury, a busy time at work, a loss in the family and a grandma who fell out of bed and broke her back, there has not been a lot of time to paint.  I found a bit of time around Easter to do a quick paint job on the Easter Mousling for my Mother-in-law. 

      Easter Mousling with freshly dyed Easter Eggs

      Close up
      I think that it turned out pretty well.  The freehand on the egg was a bit challenging as I tend to be horrible at it.  Lack of fine motor skills.  I only have the one picture of it as I finished it the night before Easter and the only photo that I got of it was taken by my wife. 
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