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Otherworld Gnome (Brownie)

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My brother is playing a rock gnome rogue in our 5e campaign. He was upset about using a halfling mini for his character, and he also wanted something to scale, so I painted up an Otherworld mini for him. Officially it's a brownie from their faerie folk set, but it looks like a gnome, and looks like it could be 3' tall. It is tiny, the smallest mini I've ever painted. Since it is so tiny, and for the desktop, I painted it very quickly. I also deliberately didn't highlight it too brightly, since he's a stealthy assassin. He was even a bit small for his base, so I added a big rock and some gravel to finish it up.




I gave him red eyes, though they aren't very visible. This out of focus shot is the only one where they are even slightly visible:



Here are a couple brighter lit shots:



And here he is next to a bones mini for scale:



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    • By Guildenstern
      Finally finished up the Gunny Peegs this weekend - was mostly finishing off the basing. They are small guinnea pigs, with guns, from one of Bad Squiddo Games' Kickstarter (although I believe they are available on her site as well now)

      More pics:

    • By Seer of the Pitt
      Here's what I've been working this week. It's tiny. Almost too tiny. I had to break out my goose neck magnifier to go along with my visor in order to really get a good look at the results of my painting.
      I initially painted the skin pale lichen with a glaze of Citadel Color Dark Green Ink ( from the mid 80's I think I still have about half of a 10ml dropper bottle left) mixed w/ Liquitex Airbrush Medium and a touch of Slo-Dri Fluid Retarder. It wound up being too shiny for my liking, so I glazed back over it with highlands and jungle moss.

      His tongue is actually base coated w/ a bright coral and pale lichen mix glazed over bright coral.

      The fangs are shield brown and sandy brown mixed up through linen white.

      The armor and shield are based w/ shield brown then glazed w/ a mix of pelican 56 brown ink thinned w/ airbrush medium, followed by a glazed on mix of shield brown/ sandy yellow . Once again the ink is too shiny so I'll be going back over that with a more matte paint.

      His surcoat is red brick highlighted up with linen white.

      The human skulls will probably be painted w/ the bone colors triad while the animal skull (I guess it's a dog) in the ivory bone triad.

      The braid of hair is sandy yellow. Not sure how I'll treat this. Maybe mix it with a warm grey to give it a dead dirty look.

      His claws with probably be painted black.

      The spear haft is I think blackened brown with a shiny slathering of the aformentioned ink concoction darkened with the green ink.

      The sword, helm spear head and other various metal objects... no idea yet as to how I'll be painting those.

      And finally Dogsbane's unshown namesake... I'm thinking either a Lassie or  an Old Yeller color scheme.   I'll have to do some research as to which color combination would look best on the piece. Odd's are it'll probably be Lassie's.

      I've put about three and a half hours into this little piece so far and I have no idea how many more til I finish. Hopefully no more than twenty, counting the base I have yet to start.
      Well, hope you guys are entertained and/or enlightened even ever so slightly.  Comments suggestions and such are always welcome.

      edited: don't you just hate missing a spelling error? I know I do.
    • By catdancer
      This is a game play terrain & building(s) piece of a country inn & stables in a tranquil setting (10mm scale). The whole piece is scratchbuilt (except for the horses & the single brown stag in the lower left corner). The piece is (16" x 16") built on a celing tile base. All rock formations are my plaster casts cut & sculptured as needed.
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