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Reaper Bones and Heroscape

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So I've recently been getting involved in Heroscape which is a game which the company killed 5 years ago but has a thriving after market community ( heroscapers.com ). Since it was very popular and it's out of print the game minis are selling on Ebay. Many of them are reasonably priced but many are pretty outrageous. So proxies are generally widely accepted.


But I began noticing some similarities between the Reaper Bones offerings and some of the Heroscape stuff. For example Zelrig is a Heroscape dragon that is now on ebay in the $80 range.





Who looks remarkably similar to 77109: Fire Dragon:




Here are the Heroscape DzuTeh (currently around $25 for the squad on ebay):




And conveniently, in Reaper KS 3 here's the chill out set:





In Heroscape there are the Knights of Weston (also around $25 for a squad on ebay):




And here in KS3 again there are the crusaders:




well, the crusaders are 12th century and the knights of west are closer to 15th or 16th century, but close enough....


And there are others.....


Coincidence? IDK, but it's cool that reaper is making these available so cheaply and we can take advantage of them. Also, they are certainly much better quality molds than the original heroscape minis.


Just thought I'd mention this in case anyone else might be interested.

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Heroscape was a cool game; it's a shame that it's been discontinued.


I'm just about positive that this is just a happy coincidence. It's cool that the community will accept proxies, though.


Are the cards easier/cheaper to get a hold of?

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I've seen scans of the cards all over the internet. Seems that proxies would be acceptable enough.


And the Magic: The Gathering boardgame uses extremely similar rules, dice, and parts, and is in its first expansion... I'd like to think the game will rise again.

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Yeah, heroscapers.com has all the cards available to print and supports tools and instructions for creating customs as well. Arena of the Planeswalkers is what opened my eyes to Heroscape.


Fortunately, we can still add on to our KS3 pledge so I'll be adding on a bunch more for HS play.

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I'd heard that the Marvel Heroes Heroscape and the Dungeons And Dragons Heroscape were going for stupid money on eBay, as well as the castle sets. The castle sets are terrific; their only disadvantage is that it's nearly impossible to build a traditionally square or rectangular wall.


So naturally Hasbro quit making them. Sigh.

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The Marvel stuff hasn't been too expensive. I just did a quick search and there's a fairly complete set on there now (missing some scenery tiles) currently going for $33 including shipping. Not bad at all compared to a lot of other Heroscape stuff.

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