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King Koopa er.... 77334 Dragon Turtle and his minions 77270 Spikeshell Warriors

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Your work on the shells is great!  I recognized the slider actually--they're really common in my parts.

Then I will call that shell a success!


Very cool! I may copy your paint scheme when I paint mine.



I look forward to seeing your improvements on the idea. :)

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    • By Evilhalfling
      Fresh from a middle finish on the Reaper Quarterly Paint Contest (ended March 20) 
      hmm need a rear photo. 

    • By Shinma
      Hi there,

      New to these boards, but my husband recommended them to me and so I want to show of my latest and finally finished work <3

      Hope you like it as much as I do!

      Feel free to leave a comment or any tips for me to improve my painting skills ^.^
      x- Shin

      More pictures in the Spoiler!

    • By Brianuk
      Here is my favourite mini from the Bones 4 kickstarter. I just find the idea brilliant and it was very easy to paint. 
      The turtle is based on a Vallejo Japanese green primer, washed with green, and leather and red brown primer, washed with sepia. Then worked up from there. The handler was initially red brown, washed with Army Painter mid brown. Water effect with gloss mod podge again, and fixed the tufts in whilst the glue was wet. 
      Would happily back a KS entirely dedicated to a flintstones style community in Dreadmere based in employing various turtles, dinos, lizards, and other creatures. Perhaps a bit niche though. 

    • By Lidless Eye
      Since it's arrival last month, I've been experimenting with my first 3D Printer.  Today marked the first finished painted projects that were made on it.

      Several Giants, designed by Duncan "Shadow" Louca.





      The Gourdlock, by dutchmogul:

      One of my favorite finds while randomly searching for STL files, the Dwarf Rock Star, also by dutchmogul.

      Completing my Frostgrave Bestiaries is an eventual goal...here's a simple crab from Rocket Pig

      Tortles seem to be the new hotness since their introduction in a charity event tied to "Tomb of Annihilation".  These guys are a mix from Fat Dragon and the wonderful DM Workshop






      The last are a murder of Redcaps, again designed by DM Workshop.  I swapped out their weapons to give them some variety.

    • By Auberon
      And now for this week's minis, the spikeshell warriors. These guys were painted to tabletop using the same artists paints, but one was over white and the other was over black.  The shell patterns are also different, but I ended up liking one more than the other.

      Thanks for looking.
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