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Old Skool Lead from a Friend

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So the Pathfinder game was played last Saturday, and a friend from collage that still plays with us brought up a box of old lead that he was going to put on evil bay, and asked me if I wanted any of them.....


(Anyone care to guess my answer?)


So I refrained from taking the whole box and grabbed the following:

Ral Partha:




These critters are called 'Hexers' or something like that I believe


R.Charrette, 1989 on the base


These guys reminded me of Anhurians



1992 on base


These guys had odd helmets that I kinda liked...



R Charrette and 1989 on base again


This guy just struck my fancy for some reason:



Ral Partha 84 on the base...


As soon as I saw this guy, I thought of the Dark Enabler, The Like Bomber, & CW....



R Charrette and 1989 on base again


(So when I paint this guy, which one do I skin for him???? :devil: )








The Dwarf Bear rider was just.....



A422  1989 on base


This Orc? Ogre? was kinda neat, so....



M459   1991 on base


And I just like this guy!



His boots are claws, His visor reminds me of a Traveller character I had back in High School that a different friend drew a pic of for me, and his shield is neat!

FP41   1987 on base


They are all going to go for a swim in paint stripper, as soon as I can find some gel type....


Aint friends wonderful?



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Great haul!


I like the Ral Partha Chaos Fighters..

The Horse thingies made me think of Sleipnir, but these are Hexers you say?

Never heard of them but they look cool!


The Grenadier Knight  is wearing Dragon Armor, Did I sent you the Grenadier Catalogue PDFÅ›?

Because I know I have some where he is shown painted, might be of use for reference?

If not  ..ask and Ye shall receive..


As for the Barbarian in Wolf Skin... That's  Ub3r, and we are friends, so it isn't my skin. My guess is CW stole Ub3r's Skull Mugs once too many and this is the result.. :upside:

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Just wondering why this was moved here, as the other threads of this type were in Presentation.....


And no Starwolf, no pdfs (yet)



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The horses are hekatrixes (spelling may be off); I used to have a bunch of 'em a while ago until I sold them off.


I've still got some of those old chaos warriors hanging around though.

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Just wondering why this was moved here, as the other threads of this type were in Presentation.....


And no Starwolf, no pdfs (yet)




This will be corrected in the weekend!

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I love it when this sort of thing happens. A buddy of mine (the guy who introduced me to D&D when we were just 11 years old), gave me a box of ancient lead (mostly Grenadier, with some RP thrown in) last year. It was crazy because I already had most of his old collection from when he left it with me about fifteen or twenty years ago. Turns out he had more in his mom's attic.


I hear some of it actually once belonged to his older brother. I refuse to feel guilty about that, because that's the same older brother DM who killed my beloved first-character-ever, Testor the Fighter, with a sneak attack save-or-die spider bite in my very first encounter in my very first game ever.


Paybacks and all that.

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Nice! If you find that you need more, the chaos warriors and hexatrixes are still in production from Ironwind. I was commanding a unit of the chaos axemen in a game this morning, as it happens. ::):

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    • By 72moonglum
      Hello again!
      here are the other two that I just finished, two elven fighters that Ran Partha did a while back.  They had a couple neat ideas, one was to have a male and female version of a race and class, and these two are the miniatures that are for the Male and Female Elven Fighters.  Not sure who the sculptor is on these, should probably find out.  
      I did them both with more or less identical color schemes, partly in the thought that it's the same adventurer just in a different male or female version and then also because it made my life easier with one color scheme instead of two.

      and here they are together:

      Anyhows, hope you enjoy!
    • By Rigel
      "So...Xiao Lu. You have expressed interest in this particular carp. Your purse is sufficient for the purchase. Nevertheless, I will only sell to a man with the proper appreciation of the fish, a scholar who can truly cherish it as it deserves.
      Tell me, Xiao Lu. What are the Noble Virtues of the carp?" 

      "Truly, Master Fang, only the injudicious man would sell such a precious gift to a fool.
      The different colors and patterns of the carp indicate different virtues, some those of the father, some of the mother, some of daughters or sons, or scholars or businessmen or soldiers.

      But the virtues common to all carp are:
      Firstly, courageous independence. It swims upstream, heading into the current always. An indomitable will to face what comes. A carp swimming downstream bodes ill; this is known to all.
      Secondly, prosperity. Their scales of gold, silver, platinum, and bronze are all auspicious, reflecting money and attracting luck. 
      Thirdly, fecundity.  Their fertility fills the rivers; does not their very name evoke abundance and plenty?  
      Fourthly, success and transformation through diligence and perseverance. As it is said, 'the carp has leapt through the Dragon's Gate.' With enough work, the carp may surmount even the waterfall that streams down the mountain. And does not the carp that passes the Dragon Gate itself become a dragon? So too will the man who applies himself become accomplished and recognized."

      These are two truly magnificent sculpts. The short fellow with the oval base is from an 80's-era Grenadier set of "Vile Villains." (He comes with a Casper Gutman/Sydney Greenstreet Fat Man and a tall trenchcoated fellow with beard and hat, perhaps a Rasputin figure? All very different heights and builds, which I appreciate.) Anyway, he's the star of the show. Those old minis had some fantastic detail work on the faces. And you have to love his long twisty fingernails. 

      Here's more of him:

      Dr. Fang was another sculpt I had to get when I heard Statuesque was discontinuing its Pulp Alley line. Very much in the Pei Mei / Fu Manchu line. The exact sort of person you think of when you hear the phrase "undying leaders of the cult in China." Definitely an old man whom it would be unwise to challenge. I had a lot of fun with the gradient (hey, Breast Cancer Pink in action!) and the koi on his robes. 

      Here's a thorough turnaround:

      The rear wall is GreenstuffWorld's "China" roller on foamboard, airbrushed. Heavily inspired by the opulent color gradients from "Curse of the Golden Flower" (a splendid palace tragedy). The aquaria are of course Chessex dice boxes and some stuff I had lying around. The koi pond is a metal lid from a tube of biscuit dough with a lick of paint and some 'Ardcoat. The lantern comes from the Tortoise Merchant and Drayman.

    • By 72moonglum
      So I don't know much about Battletech, more of a fantasy guy myself, but I do like these figures which are some Mech Warriors that were sculpted back in the eighties by Bob Charette that Ral Partha just recently re-released.  They have eight per pack with different poses, and I got these first from the Liao Faction/Clan/Family.  Going to eventually get through the whole group and I'll eventually photograph the whole group together, which is why I haven't based them yet.  I've been told these are the pilots for the Mechs and it's very hot in the cockpit, which is why they are pretty scantily clad.

      These are eighties Partha, so they are some pretty small  25mm sized figures.  More to come later as I finish them!
    • By 72moonglum
      Good morning everybody, so here's a figure that's actually been sitting on my paint desk for probably six months I'm guessing.  I got his skin and his white beard done, but afterwards all the colors to add on afterwards were kind of stumping me, so I ended up just leaving him sitting there for months and months.  For some reason though after getting back from a business trip two weeks ago, I took him up again and finished him pretty quickly.  I think it was a combination of color choices and some tight spots to get paint to that were putting me off.  Anyhoos, I got him figured out and finished.  I gave him some pink shoes, just because I wanted to annoy the cosmic color wheel, but when I look at it, his shoes don't even actually bother me that much. So I'm not sure if I was able to accomplish anything in an attempt to violate the holy color wheel or not.
      He's a Hackmaster Battle Mage, probably from around 2003 or so, originally sold on the Hackmaster range and acquired a few years back from Iron Wind Metals/Ral Partha.  Nice solid figure, pretty good side and despite my earlier trepidation, a pretty easy paint job to do.

      Fronts and back at slightly different angles, couldn't choose the best ones so threw both sets in. 
      So anyhow, hope you enjoy!
    • By alchemist
      These guys are really tiny, from back in the days when the word "miniature" really meant something.  They are based on 0.5" washers.

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