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Stone Skull's 28mm Tabletop Gaming Miniature Furniture by Stone Skull Studios


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About this project

One of the things we have always loved about tabletop gaming has been the miniatures and terrain. Recently there has been an increasing number of awesome products hitting the market with a lot of those starting here. Well, it's time for us to toss our hat into that arena. As a wise man once said to me... you can never have too much terrain.

What we are going to focus on are fantasy and science fiction furnishings (The majority of these will be digitally created and printed on a high resolution 3d printer for a master, then cast in resin) as well as traditional miniatures and whole room terrain which will come later this year. Once all backers receive their rewards only then will those items be available in our retail store.

Quality if very important to us because we are gamers too and we want it to look good on your table.(Just wait till you see our 28mm miniature line coming up later this year)

It is your gracious pledges that will allow us to have our master molds made and the furnishings cast in resin.

  • Each item or multiple of items listed below counts as one choice. Specialty items which will be added count as multiple choices as noted. 
  • You will be given the option to choose multiples of any item choice as well.
  • We are showing works in progress as we will be updating the lists throughout the month with more choices.

   Choices are made from the following lists:






(All rendered images are from external or local sources)

Some .STL files are available for free at www.stoneskullstudios.com

Again, all miniatures are printed in high detail 3d and then cast in resin.

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I've asked the Creator to tell more about themselves on the home page. The company's previous incarnation was Mad Imp Studios. I did a quick search and found a  Christopher Caporal, whom I'm guessing is still attached to the project (same city). MIS has been around 16 years, and Chris has 6+ years production manager experience. I guess $25 is worth a gamble...!

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I have some reservations.  this seems too good to be true.  the pieces are new, mold and casting needed for essentially $1 a piece (or less with stretch goals)  maybe I'm being pessimistic but this makes me a little uncomfortable.  Can someone help put my fears to rest?

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Nope!  :upside:


"The new century saw me work with more print companies and learn offset printing while continuing to support my wife through nursing school (She is currently a Family Nurse Practitioner) and working on my 3d design skills. In the mid first decade of the new century I began to become very ill and weak and things started to fall apart (Service connected) so the VA put me on disability and treatments that continue to this day. What that did, was help set the stage to arrive at where I am at now. I had started a few smaller studios for my artwork and 3d modeling but those never really took off the ground due to one reason or another."


So no resin miniatures experience. He's outsourcing the masters and resin casting, so it's not an Itar's Workshop or Mythical Lairs. "I will be using Valiant as the primary casters of this project and I also have backups." I'm guessing this is Valient Enterprises, which has been making miniatures, including resin, for others for several years.


Assuming he fulfills this KS, I'm sure he'll run another. The project is already at 3x funding, so it's not like he's hurting for funds. How much furniture do I have to paint when my Conan mini's come in? :lol:

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