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Stone Skull's 28mm Tabletop Gaming Miniature Furniture by Stone Skull Studios


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I stayed at the 3D files level.


While I hope things go smoothly with casting and delivery, I'm very wary of gaming KS's that have explosive growth and are delivering a physical product. Especially when it's a custom order per backer rather then something that's mass produced and identical like a deck of cards or board game. If anyone else is in the "Dice of Awesome" KS or even "Twisted Catacombs", you know what I mean :) Both fulfilling, but each over a year past delivery expectations and will likely stretch to two+ years over if they ever finish.


Skarabx - Congrats on the successful KS and I look forward to getting the rest of the files!

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Kickstarter creator for a line of bones breaks one of his own, posts the update on April Fools Day, somehow ends up NOT being a joke.


Edit: Aha uber posted this in the wrong thread. Oh well. Yeah, very similar names.

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They are pretty similar.  No worries.  You had me worried for a minute though.

Yeah, which is why when I noticed it before your post that I quickly edited and deleted the post and put in the proper thread. It's still early too, not enough coffee...

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Update #53


Apr 10 2016
General Update

To say that I am not busy is an understatement. Wow. Ever since the initial funding drive ended I have been wonderfully busy.


We have had many requests on late pledges and adding pledge levels, etc. I want to thank the level 10 random encounter known as Maxpuster for helping with this. It would not of been nearly as smooth without his help.


the past five days since the last update (Though you can find me dropping in to general chat) has seen me playing catch up with the models and getting everything situated to go to print. I am going to try to keep my general updates to once or twice a week but I can't promise that there will be more. (I am really not wanting to spam everyone's inbox).


I had to slow down on the 3d sculpting a bit as I made some errors in my excitement to finish everything and show them off. Bad me. Must get it done right the first time, wastes too much time if I don't.


As for a breakdown on how your money is going to be spent, it's rather simple. (I will have more detail as time goes own)


70% is going to production (meaning casting, molding, etc)


10% is going to incurred costs (art, sculpts, materials, etc)


15% is going to shipping and fulfillment


5% is going to new projects


I am not including things such as office supplies, comparative products and the 200 dancing naked llama party in this as those come out of my personal funds.




yes, I took the chance....

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New Update


Update #55 



Apr 17 2016

  The Awesome Update Part One
I must continue to work hard at finishing up the stretch goals and at the same time ensuring that our web store and site are up and running smoothly.

Our first set of 4 retail miniatures have arrived. Even though these were not part of the final Kickstarter, all of you will get first dibs on purchasing.


Here are the masters of the Dwarf and Goblin Sets that are part of the Kickstarter!


All lists are almost complete and will be posted on SSS website which will include links.




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Update #57 


May 1 2016
Good afternoon oh great and marvelous backers. This is the first of a whole bunch of updates this week showing you the stretch goals, masters, some painted high end painted prints and discussion of all things Stone Skull.

First and foremost, I am going to be posting more updates due to an overwhelming acceptance of me doing just that. For those that this "spamming" bothers, kindly accept my apologies and well, you will just have to deal with it.

Time frames. Currently I have gotten myself about a week behind schedule. Not acceptable in my book. I know, I know... but still I have to adhere to my projected schedule as tightly as I can to ensure that I do not become complacent. I am not going to make excuses for this because well, I hate excuse.

What have I been doing? I have been working on getting the .STL files in order, fixing models so they give a great master with minimal to no extra pieces. Working with the production companies and getting that portion nailed down. Working on the Stretch Goals, working on getting things aligned for both this kick-starter and my retail releases. (The kickstarter is priority... fyi) and overseeing the completion of board and miniatures game unrelated to this kickstarter. That sums up April. :)

The Pledge Manager is an ongoing process and we will be bringing that out of Beta so you can start locking things down, ordering more stuff and what have you.

Also, I am giving my kicksterter backers first dibs on some retail items that are not listed in the kickstarter.

Ok.. now I want people opinion on two things. Vendor Stall and Pub Crawl Walls.

I went with a tent flap style of vendor stall shown below. This is just the base form before any modifications, smoothing, texturing.. nada. This is my final rough. The crates are actually being redone and the barrels for the stall a bit different.


Here are two examples of the Pub Crawl bar walls. As requested these are modular.

 Previous update


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I've been slacking sorry....


Update #64

    May 14 2016
Real fast update! Quality of Masters

Real fast here while finishing up all of the stretch goals AND at my monthly Hackmaster 5E game, I have a quality of masters picture! This is the bio food processor from the Sci Fi Collection.  Ignore the horrid green color. Eat Soylent Green.

58e1acda6eb529509b77bd4506798f45_originaThat's not my finger...


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