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Stone Skull's 28mm Tabletop Gaming Miniature Furniture by Stone Skull Studios


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Update #65

May 17 2016
The Missing Stretch Goals part 1 (The Pub Crawl part 1)

You all have been wonderfully patient with my delay. I found that during the rapid ascent of this kick-starter I rushed far too much stuff. Now, while this will have no bearing on delivery or fulfillment but it does delay some of the late stretch goal images.

This is the final modeled prototype of the pub crawl. Each piece has to align pretty close as this is not a solid room and after dozens and dozens of test prints on both my resin and filament printers they are about ready to be sent to be made into masters. Each room piece is designed to support and be used with other similar products.

There will be wall attachments, tables and bar in part 2. The Barkeep and Barmaid are being sculpted. The patrons are being 3d designed, printed and cast.

(I know the floorboards do not align properly. The only other option was a cobble floor or a parquet floor)



Did anyone else take a chance with me????


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Top Posters In This Topic

Me too!  I for one need a good Inn/Pub so no matter how it looks it will beat me trying to draw it  :blush:.  I am looking forward to all the things they didn't show in that last update more (wall attachments, tables, minis, etc). 

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I did back this, too. Not too impressed with that update, but if I remember correctly, that's the stretch goal where you can choose between that pub and the merchant stall - and the merchant stall looks nice.

Pretty sure it was the pub or a space port bar...

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May 18 2016
  Pub Crawl Final (Before Texturing and Master Printing)
Ok everyone, here is the final of the "Pubcrawl" sans the wall addons which are coming in a separate update. The wall addons include Shields, Windows, Signs, Boars Heads, Curtain, etc. I took this model down a little bit in size so economically it would make more sense and allow me to add more bling. Some people may not like the slightly smaller scale but I can't please everyone 100% of the time.

I am also making thin overlays to go on the floor once you put everything together. This will only increase the height of the floor by 1mm. These will be available in the web store in a bit and are multi game compatible. (No Grid, Parquet, Cobble, Rushes, Chaos Smear, Dog Messy....)

Tonight and Tomorrow the Sci Fi Bar and then all the rest here on Stone Skull Isle.. ((sings))

The small disk next to the model is the size of a penny. Remember these are untextured.



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Finally locked in my pledge. I only backed for $25, but I was able to get quite a few different tables, chairs, chests, a bed, a throne and a bookcase. Plenty of stuff to use as dungeon furniture.


If the Kickstarter falls through it will suck, but I knew I was taking a bit of a risk given how much he's giving out for the price.

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Update #78 


Jul 17 2016

A Forge used by Dwarves...


Here is the latest of my late stretch goal updates! This one is still missing the Water Trough, the tool rack and the sprue of tools.

  • This will require assembly (Unavoidable)
  • I will not be supplying a fire effect for the coals
  • No, the bellows don't work ;) I chose to model them in the "air intake" position.
  • This will be a combination of white metal and resin
  • Diggy Diggy Hole. Any questions?







Been slacking on adding these....


Edited by knarthex
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Jul 31 2016

The Dark Temple






Hey Backers! Here is the main center piece to the Dark Temple. I just wanted to show you that it is done. The additional pieces are coming today.


 The manacles will be molded right on the model so they will not be loose and as fine as they appear in this prototype render.

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Aug 7 2016

Major Update! Please read :)




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I would first like to say that I hope everyone that made it to Gencon had a hell of a great time!

If not, well I hope you had a hell of a great time doing other things anyway!

Myself? I fired three sets of dice after rolling a half dozen ones, numerous rolls between 2 and 5 and for percentile skill checks; Everything was under 50 with the exception of two rolls. At least one goblin fell to my dwarfs might warhammer! (Hackmaster 5)

State of the Skull

We are progressing along at a bit of a slower pace with the various production pieces which is giving me time to play catch up and make sure all paperwork and records are in order for fulfillment.

As we all know, the overly generous stretch goals are well, generous. There is a lot of extra funds that have to go into those and that's ok because, well I happen to think they are cool to begin with and I stick by my guns that everything will be fulfilled.

Fulfilled on time?

Yes and No. I am having the option of early fulfillment on some things and with some conditions.

  • If a persons order gets completed before the fulfillment date they will be asked if they want an early ship.
  • Anytime on the fulfillment date and after, if we run late will be shipped ASAP as they roll off. 
  • We are going to be shipping as much as we can as soon as we can in order of backer number.
  • Ok.. what if your late? That's going to happen with some of this. That is the way it is. IF I am late, then you get a secret toy surprise. If it looks like I am going to be way late, I am going to split ship to make sure people get something sooner as opposed to later.. as well as the secret toy surprise.

Bottom line is even if my health takes a tumble or something untoward happens, I have it set up so that everything will get to whom it is supposed to go to. Therefore, health and whatnot can't be used an excuse... NOT ever thermonuclear war is an excuse.

You had mentioned other kick-starters?  I am currently sitting on projects that I am going to be putting up on kick-starter but with fulfillment dates far after this one. I don't see the logic in waiting and with these new ones, a lot of learned lessons apply. All members of this kick-starter however do get some perks.  Which reminds me to send everyone some store coupons and such. Most notably is a board game.


Why yes! They are piling up and within the week the first ones on my list will be allowed dibs! Here are some examples of the boxes! (Remember, you have to pay for shipping only.  Just please don't ask things like "Why is there a half printed moose in here"... etc. These are full of junk, miscasts, misprints, cast Hirst arts stuff, broken miniatures...and maybe one or two will have a complete miniature from somewhere in there. (Me, an old Ral Partha, GW... who knows) Cats have been known to knock stuff in there. Below are one, two and three.




I will be putting out the questionnaire this week as well. This is the normal survey in which you confirm address and are asked a few questions. This is the one I have really been procrastinating on and it's high time to get it done.


Max will hopefully add the following to the PM soon! Here is what is not being shown now.

1. Trees. I am still waiting on sculptor. These are not 3d generated so they are taking time. I should have at least one ready in a week.

2. Seated Patrons, puking alien and what have you. These will be done when they get done. I am probably not going to have these ready in the next few weeks as they are the lowest on my list of priorities.

3. Gypsy, Again this one is being worked on by a sculptor. There is an update with some concept images there.

4. Familiars are getting worked on as well. I am being extremely nit picky about those for personal reasons. IF I dare put out, say, a cat that looks like a drunk poodle... then my cats will have my head. Not to mention my wife will laugh at me for days.

5. What else won't be done fast? I think that's it. Oh, the Angel and Devil are in an early update and they are currently being cast!

The Stretch Goal Images!

(There will be some addons to these when they ship)

The Apartment! (Will come with our Skullockâ„¢ SCIFi Walls, No you don't get to see them yet)






 Lab/Medical (Will also come with our Skullockâ„¢ Science Walls)






 The Alien I have no idea what it is




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Been very much down and out the past week so did not get much done. Unless you count one game of frostgrave and some casting. Regardless, what I am going to do in the next large update is show the pulling and filling of some of the orders. It's best to show the whole process. (I just won't show names)

There is nothing really new to go over except I am still going over all the correspondence and matching names, new addresses and order adjustments; This is going on while I am casting and filling up stuff with stock on hand. 

The first people should be getting their orders by the end of this month, and then it is just going to continue till I am all done. NOT to most efficient, professional or productive way.. but it's getting done which is important. 

PAINTED: All painted items will be hit with a protective coat. A matte finish. IF you do not want a protective coat or a matte finish on your painted miniatures please tell me now. 


Starting shipping?  Could it be, I will be getting these this year?!

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