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Warbands of the Cold North II - RELAUNCH IN METAL


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About this project

Footmen Warriors WIP  Add-on price $25 per set


 Ejryvindr the FarSeeing add-on price $8 per figrue


Njorn Ranger WIP $8.00 add-on per figure


  Jorik of Hallingsgatan Swrodsman Hero WIP $8.00 add-on per figure.

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I LOVE  Ejryvindr the FarSeeing.

I will back for that one mini, but I'm not sure if anything more.

This is what I'm currently doing, I'll have to cherry pick as I have probably 100 err 20 RBG figures sitting in the drawer ready to be painted at some point in the future.

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Yeah, Ejryvindr is great. Might pledge for him, despite needing no minis.




The modular thing seems to run totally counter to what makes his work special. Hope it works out in metal at least, though.

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I'm in for him, too.


It's almost as if people like Tre's more unique works :p

You know, I bet if he did a "personalities" or "heroes and villains" kickstarter with very unique figures that it'd do really really well.

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