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Frostgrave Campaign 2016

Chris Palmer

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   Our group played the second game of our Frostgrave Campaign today, and since three of us are Reaper Forum members, I thought I would start a thread so all the photos and after-action reports could be put in one place.

   For an account of our first game, please see my blog here: http://onemoregamingproject.blogspot.com/2016/02/frostgrave-campaign-kick-off-game.html


You can take a look at my war band going into this game in this Show Off thread: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/67471-my-frostgrave-illusionists-warband/#entry1324951


 Once again, my Illusionist, Kodak, and his trusty apprentice, Cherowyn, found themselves. entering the city near the harbor.  A Chronomancer, known as The Doctor, also chose to search the harbor and Kodak's warband spent most of the game skirmishing with them.  The Doctor brought along three Crossbowmen and a Marksman, which played havoc with my Illusionist's warband, not to mention the Illusionist himself.



Just like last time,  it was not a good day for Kodak's party as they quickly found themselves pinned down by the massive firepower being brought against them from The Doctor's team.  It only got worse when some men from a nearby Druid's (Witch) warband started firing on them as well.  The final straw was when wandering creature rolls put a Minor Demon, and an Ice Spider directly in our rear.




In the end it was only the quick action of Cherowyn, who was able to fend off both wandering creatures long enough to cast a successful Mind Control spell on  the Doctor's Infantryman who was carrying a treasure, that netted us our only treasure of the game.




     Several members of the party were incapacitated during he game, the worst being our new Treasure Hunter, Jaquailwyn (Jack), who had just joined our warband after the last game.  She was shot by The Doctor's apprentice, River Song, who used her laser pistol (Elemental Bolt spell) killing the unfortunate Treasure Hunter dead.   The other bad casualty was Kodak himself, taken out by one of The Doctor's crossbowmen.  Though Kodak  recovered himself without any permanent injury, it was such a Close Call that he apparently became disoriented and left his new Staff of Power behind in the ruins.   Luckily he had had the chance to use the staff once to boost a near successful Mind Control spell of his own.


I had a blast, and am looking forward to the next get-together.

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I enjoyed the play-by-play.  Just wish I lived close enough to join in on all the fun.

Cherowyn's awesome!  Some day, she'll just have to form a warband of her own and get away from that stuffy, old illusionist  :=)

Out of curiosity, are you just going to re-use the mini that was Jack as a new character or do you plan to paint up a new replacement each time you lose a member?

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I enjoyed the play-by-play.  Just wish I lived close enough to join in on all the fun.

Cherowyn's awesome!  Some day, she'll just have to form a warband of her own and get away from that stuffy, old illusionist  :=)

Out of curiosity, are you just going to re-use the mini that was Jack as a new character or do you plan to paint up a new replacement each time you lose a member?

I'm glad you enjoyed it! If you ever find yourself on the mid-Atlantic East Coast, let me know.

Yes, I was quite impressed with Cherowyn's performance yesterday. She really saved the day. I don't think she's ready for her own warband yet though. Kodak may have taught her everything she knows, but he hasn't taught her everything he knows yet. :)


Interesting you asked about the replacement figure, as I was just thinking about how to handle that. I don't think I have the finances to buy a new figure every time one dies, but by coincidence I do have another Treasure Hunter figure all ready, so I think I will use him as the replacement. However, if he dies, we may find Jaquailwyn's twin sister shows up to be the replacement. :).

Interestingly enough, though the new Treasure Hunter's name is Orwell, his friends call him "Jack", as in One-eyed-Jack, as he wears an eye patch having lost an eye in a fight years ago. Unlike first Jack who was young and inexperienced, new Jack is a grizzled veteran. Kodak has already started referring to him as Jack Two, and his very happy he didn't have to change the name in the company's ledger.

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Where did you get the terrain from? if you don't mind me asking?


I don't mind you asking.  :lol:    I made most of it, and have chronicled the construction in this thread here on the terrain sub-forum: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/65327-chriss-frostgrave-terrain-efforts/


There are a couple manufactured pieces hidden in there too.  David brought his DDS tower, Don brought an Armorcast ruin, and Greg contributed a few pieces of Acheson Creations scatter terrain bits. 






Here I was foolishly thinking that it was the mini that might be reused when it was actually the name being reused  :=)  Welcome to the warband, Jack Two!



Yeah, funny how that worked out.  ::D:





I reuse the minis all the time.  I don't typically tend to name my soldiers unless they distinguish themselves somehow in battle first.



Well, since the soldier record sheet had blanks for names, I felt compelled to fill them.  Call me obsessive.  ::):

 In the end, I find it helps contribute to the narrative nature of the game and hence my enjoyment of it.


It was just fortunate that I had painted two treasure hunters.  in most cases figures will get recycled.

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Beware the Bear!


Full write up if you follow the link. A few choice pics below!



The board



Slaughter at the bridge



My casualties


Both my necromancer and apprentice survived, in spite of the nasty case of BEAR that most of my force came down with. Random monsters were popping up all over the place. Minor demons, ice spiders, zombies... They certainly shook things up. All in all a great time, and I'm really looking forward to the next game!

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  Great pictures, and I enjoyed the write-up!  It's interesting how different the table looks when viewed cross-corner from where I was.  Though I knew there was mass carnage going on across town, I was too busy getting my own troops killed to really pay attention.   It was great to actually find out what happened. :)


PS: On behalf of my deceased Treasure Hunter, thanks for Bone-darting River Song. :)


PPS:  You should post the link to your blog write-up to our group mailing list.

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The Druid (Witch) Knabe has posted his report from the game for folks who would like to read about the game from yet another wizard's perspective:





A photo of a telekinesis duel between Knabe's apprentice and the Necromancer's


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I'm happy to announce that we played Game 3 of our campaign today!


    We were fortunate to have all seven of our players available, so it promised to be an interesting outing.  Because there was going to be seven warbands in play, I set up the table in a 10' x 3' configuration.   We had planned after the last game that this time we would incorporate two of the scenarios from the main rulebook in to this game: the Haunted Houses and the Well of Dreams and Sorrows.   We had decided that because we would be having seven players, that we would use 12 huts, and 2 wells.    I hadn't considered this decision throughly, as I didn't realize until someone mentioned at the start of the game that the Wraiths dwelling in the huts could only be damaged with magic weapons, which at this point in the campaign, no one was wielding...




My Illusionist Kodak, and his Apprentice Cherowyn were happy to be exploring a different section of the city this time, rather than the docks as they had done on their past two forays.  The docks had not been a lucky area for them; so with the change of locations, they were hoping for a change in their fortunes.  Rumors of a magical fountain in the area intrigued them, while the talk of haunted dwellings in this neighborhood had them a bit wary.




While it proved to be a successful outing with 3 treasures recovered, and 310 experience points earned, a tragic death befell the party, and changes were made in the warband...




To read the full report, please see my blog:


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