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An eye beast and some casual mad-sciencing

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I finally got some decent brushes in and some nice Reaper paints, which means I no longer have any excuses to procrastinate. That also means it's time to practice everyone's favorite part of mini painting: eyes! And what better practice than an eye beast. 




Fun fact: the Reaper eye beast has 25 eyes! That's a lot of teeny little highlights to do. Pardon the blurry photos, my phone hates minis. 




As far as the mad-sciencing goes, well... 






I figured Damiel would be a good candidate for a bit of head-transplant surgery. His lab coat was perfect for my pathfinder alchemist, but his head just wasn't bird-y enough. I'm thinking of going for a nice clean, white paintjob on the coat and a dark, iridescent head. 

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I want to see this iridescent head.  You thinking interference paint or just hiding some metallic paint under your colors?


I'm thinking metallic paint, or adding some pearlescent medium to various colors. Like a copper, green, and a purple, maybe a blue as well. I've got another tengu mini I'll probably do some experimenting on first. 

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Got my Franken-Mini primed! Think I messed up by attaching his arm so soon, it's going to be a pain to paint the area underneath it D:. I also swapped out the dagger for another flask, since the dagger actually snapped off when I tried to straighten it out. 






I used some sculpting epoxy to blend the head onto the body a bit better, it works pretty well! The only issue is that Damiel's backpack won't fit because of the head feathers, but that's ok. 

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Had a spare couple of hours so I played around with some attempts at iridescence today! I got some plastic minis for cheap off of ebay to use for practice, and there was a tengu guy in there that worked perfectly for this!










Decided to go with a magpie-kinda theme, and slapped some quick paints on him! I'd be more neat and try to keep some black between the feathers on another mini, but I didn't want to take too much time here in case it didn't end up working out. 


I primed him, basecoated his wings dark grey, and then did a coat of Ultramarine Blue on top of that where I wanted the iridescence. While that was wet, I blended in some Marine Teal from the feather tips to about 50% up, and then a little bit of Surf Aqua in a very thin line just to one side of the feather ribs on a few of the big wing feathers.


I did a quick wash of the base wing color on top of that, and I might go over everything with that again because the next layers I put up kinda hid that a bit. I went over the places where the light would hit with more Marine Teal to brighten things up again. 


Next, I took a mixture of ~50/50 Military Green and Jade Green, and put little bits of that on the very end of the feathers, then some Ultramarine Blue on the very base of the feathers. To get it a bit more sparkly and bring in some different tones for contrast I thinned down some Old Bronze and dabbed that kinda randomly around here and there. 


I think the wings ended up looking somewhat convincingly iridescent! From a distance you can definitely tell that they aren't flat black and aren't just blue, and everything blended well enough that it doesn't look like a bunch of differently colored feathers and isn't overwhelmingly sparkly! Other than the one metallic paint I used everything is just your standard paint.

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