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Orc Berserkers, converted (Bones)(77059)

Chris Palmer

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     This past weekend, I finished up the four Orc Berserker figures from the Bones 1 "Orcpocalypse" add-on set.  I tried to do minor conversions to each figure to give them a little individuality.

Armed with my hobby knife and some Gorilla superglue gel, I had fun cutting, repositioning and gluing the orcs to make each one look a little different.   Looking at the row below; The first orc is the untouched basic figure. The second has had his forearms flipped around and repositioned opposite of the way they were, so the sword now is in front of the orc.  I also replaced the sword blade with one from one of the Orc Stalker figures.  The third orc has had the sword removed, his hands drilled out, and a toothpick spear-shaft inserted.  I borrowed the spearhead from one of the Orc Hunter figures.  The fourth orc, has had his forearms removed and replaced with a pair from one of the Orc Stalker figures.




With surgery complete, I went to work giving them a quick tabletop paint job.  I'm happy how they turned out, and I think they work well as individuals even though they're the same basic sculpt.  

 As always, C & C welcome.




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