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Baby Bestiary Volume 2


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Hmm, can't believe this isn't up in the Kickstarter thread at all other than their first Kickstarter for Volume 1.


This one has is already funded and you have options for Volumes 1 & 2 in print and PDF.



($10) PDF of Volume 2

($20) PDF of Volumes 1&2

($35) Print & PDF of Volume 2

($65) Print & PDF of Volumes 1&2


($50) Print & PDF of Volume 2 in Slipcase

($75) Print & PDF of Volumes 1&2 in Slipcase

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I got the first book in pdf and its tempting to get both books printed. debating on putting down that much though. The monsters make a new level of adorable.

Doooooo eeeeeeet.... you know you want to!  There's nothing like having print books in hand! :devil:

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I will  vouch for volume 1 and I am getting volume 2.  the art work is cute beyond belief and the actual writing for each creature, including acquisition, care, and feeding will bring a smile to anyone's face.  I found the description of how to train and keep a baby Bullette still leaves me giggling and the description and picture of the baby Leviathan to be mind snapping. 


The quality is as good as any decent hardback players guide. 


he had some delivery issues in the first KS because he tried to do too much.  This is much better and more specific.  He should do fine. 

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One of my D&D buddies and I are going in on this as we always get asked by the other members of the D&D group when we DM about having different monsters as pets/companions/training them. So it'll be a nice resource and very cool artwork besides.


We went in for the PDF+Print for both volumes level.  

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That is so cute. I would love to see more swag from that.  The artwork is really good. Sadly, I have no use for the books. 

get PDF, get GIMP make wall prints.  (ask author if this makes you uncomfortable, last ks he was pretty cool about such things)  enjoy cute pictures as long as you dont sell them.  Personally, I had as much fun with it as a "fantasy fact book" than as a gaming aid.




On Bulette:  they prefer the taste of humanoid flesh.

If you find it distasteful to provide them such fare,

you may choose to substitute horses and livestock

instead, but be warned that there’s a reason many

bulette trainers have wooden legs.

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