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Baby Bestiary Volume 2


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Apr 18 2016


Partial PDF Delivery


Hey Backers, 
I know several of you have reached out asking about the digital delivery,

I finished my revisions to volume 1 and just sent it out to you guys via backerkit, as for volume 2, I am still hard at work getting all the text cleaned up and in format, my original deadline was the 16th to have the print document ready, but I was fortunate to have an extension. 


I am hoping to have volume 2 finished this week.

As thanks for waiting, here is the color of the Tarasque Cub :)


*and for those confused, D&D has a Tarrasque (2 r's) which is different from the Tarasque which is based off of french mythology

a tarasque cub
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May 2 2016


Progress Update

Hey Backers,

I meant to send out an update yesterday but work got the better of me, anyways here are a few updates since the project for you guys!


Volume 2 Update

We had hit a few minor roadblocks in production, partially realizing that this book is sufficiently longer than Volume 1 (almost double the legnth), which I didn't think would be too much an issue, but this put a considerable strain upon our solo editor to get the job done. So to help him out he brought an associate editor to help him out with the task. At this point we're more than 3/4 of the way done, and we expect no other delays. Our new target deadline is May 10th, with the print file being due May 15th. This will provide us with a sufficient buffer in case there are any additional complications. 


Volume 1 PDF Fulfillment

I hope you are all enjoying your Baby Bestiary Volume 1 PDF, we had made some color balance changes (as some of the images looked a little dark) in addition we had also snuck in a by-line into each entry so you know the author who had written it (we're doing this as well for Volume 2). 
These PDFs were sent out via Backerkits digital fufillment service, If you have not recieved your Volume 1 PDF, feel free to reach out and I will do my best to assist you.


Owlbear Miniature

from our Iconic Owlbear image in volume 1, and due to our stretch goals, we commissioned a owlbear model to be made. We've put in an order with a 3d printer to see how it comes out, then we can do a preorder once we get some samples in to show you. 
Would you guys prefer lead-free pewter or resin minis? and what size? (traditional size is 30mm) but we could do smaller (eg 15-20mm to be more baby-ish) 


Thanks everyone!


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Aug 16 2016


Post GenCon + Shipping Update


Hey Guys, 


I apologize for the longer delay between GenCon and a post report. 
But all in all things went very well, albeit scary for a few moments.


GenCon Craziness 

Books were airshipped and were slated to arrive wednesday (day before convention), however DHL was being dumb and had delays pushing out to delivery to Friday or so. Fortunately Kraken Print was on top of them (since they handled the shipping of this piece) and was on them constantly. They were able to pick up a number of boxes before they even sorted them on Thursday morning (since they were soo late) and they arrived with a few boxes on Thursday at 9 (right when the VIP hour began), so i was running though crowds with a dolly of books just to get product on the shelves. A litle bit of chaos to start the gen con madness (and the big fear that i wasnt going to have books for gencon)


In the end the product was there and despite the struggle it was worth it.





ENnie Awards

On Friday was the ENnies, although we were nominated for three categories 
Non-Player Cards- Best RPG Aid/Accessory
Baby Bestiary vol1 - Best Interior Art
Baby Bestiary vol1 - Best Monster/Adversary


I was skeptical we would win anything since we were up against such big products and companies, but to my surprise, we won not only one, but TWO silver awards for the Baby Bestiary!!
And as I had mentioned in my "speech' I can't thank you, the backers enough who joined me to make this project possible. Thank you everyone for voting and helping make this project as beautiful and awesome as it is.






The shipment I had sent to gencon is far too small for fulfillment, but the main shipment should be arriving in the USA tomorrow. Allow about two weeks of processing and orders should start shipping out.


Due to the quantity we were able to order, I had diverted a portion of the books to the Kraken EU warehouse, this should speed up shipping to those in or near the EU (sorry Australia, you guys are still complicated)


I will post more information about it when i receive it.


Baby Bestiary Game (app)

At GenCon I had the blessing of meeting a few game developers who are keenly interested in the Baby Bestiary Brand and were wondering if we were intersted in gameifying it onto mobile devices. 

Off the bat I am interested, but I am hesitant because I don't want the focus to be a pokemon styled game where the only reason you rear beasts is for a fight to the death between beasts.
Something akin to chao garden (in sonic adventure 2), something like Neko Atsune, or even something like fallout shelter (but managing beasties instead of people)
The app guys proposed some sort of CCG,but im having difficulty staying away from the combat driven aspects

Anyways, i am eager to hear your thoughts and ideas on the matter


Other Developments 2017 Calendar

I am working on the Baby Bestiary 2017 Calendar, illustrated this year by Afda Trihatma. We will be kickstarting this soon (for preorders) as I want fulfillment to go smoothly this year.



Embers of the Forgotten Kingdom 

If you like dark souls and the format of the Baby Bestiary (image with evocative lore) then you've found the right place. A book of unique characters, enemies and bosses fit for a Soulsian styled campaign. 


We launch September 5th 

Future Baby Bestiary Kickstarters

We have a children's book and an ABC book in the works, What I would really like to do is a merchandise kickstarter which would include shirts, minis and plushes (and i would really love to just have a baby bestiary styled box of gear that would hold everything together) but I'm still in the concepting phase and finding good manufacturers of shirts and plushes.

But i would also like to know what kind of merchandise you guys would be interested in.

Also, we are looking at doing Baby Bestiary themed adventures (I can't announce anything now but there are things in the works)


Until next post!!

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Aug 30 2016


Books Have Arrived, shipping shall commence!!

Hey guys!

just want to let you all know the books have arrived!! Now, it's time for shipping to begin! I would like shipping to commence this Thursday, so if there are any changes to your address, PM me and I'll get that changed for you.


We will be kickstarting the 2017 calendar in October (more details soon, but the art is adorable)


I know this update is brief, but I will have a more complete one to follow the beginning of shipping and other projects, I'm currently at work so I didn't want to spend too much time writing a lengthy post.

If you're missing anything, send me a message and we'll get you sorted out!

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Sep 14 2016


Brief Shipping Update


Hey Backers!

Just wanted to let you all know, 330 (~85%) of the print books have left the warehouse and shipped out. This number includes all the USA backers (with a few exceptions), I am reaching out you. 

For backers in the EU, I have not yet confirmed arrival of the shipment to the EU warehouse, though I hope soon and will have an update once I know whats going on.


For Backers in Australia, we are packaging them all together (as individually packed and ready to ship boxes) and sending them to a single location, from there local postage will be applied and sent to their respective destinations.

Also our 2017 calendar is up and has is already fully funded!! 
We're also throwing in magnets with all the calendars. The calendar KS will close Thursday Sep 29 2016.


Social Stretch Goals

This weekend I will be sending out the Wallpapers and Tokens. 
I am still working on a site for art prints and the shirts (though I think I have settled on a vendor) and the website to host it is still being built.

If you have any questions, I am here to answer them.
Can't wait for book delivery!!

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