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Good update!


I like how you worked in the GW dark elf bits.

Not just Dark Elf, stole an Uruk Hai pike for the apprentices staff, a high elf wizard's staff head for the wizard's...er....staff (the shaft of which is a piece of building debris). My driders are equal opportunity scavengers. If you don't nail it down, they will assimilate it.


For some reason I now have 'Rag and Bone' by the White Stripes running through my head.


Anyway, I intend to pick up at least 3 more arachnids tonight for conversion. Will probably get an Amiri to borg with one of them and one needs to stay an archer. Still thinking on the third. Might do a couple extra just for the heck of it since I intend to use them for more than just Frostgrave.

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Two more conversions.  Amiri will probably be a barbarian, Finaela the pirate is my treasure hunter.  Only one left to assemble is another archer.  I'm contemplating whether to just assemble the standard arachnid archer sculpt or figure out another conversion.






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Great work!  Loved the conversion on the swords.  I'm not a big fan of Finaela's swords, but I've already painted her, so I think I'll just leave them as is.  Wish I'd held off on painting until after I'd seen this!

My biggest problem with Finaela's swords, aside from the Assassin's blades just being a better fit for the feel of the warband, is that she had one of her swords resting on her shoulders through her hair.  Speaking as someone with long hair, I can think of easier and safer ways to cut it off than sticking 3 feet of razor through it.  ^_^

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