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Basing preference: Plain or detailed?

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Anything done to the base makes the figure all that much better on the gaming table I think.  Even something simple can really make it seem more realistic.  You only need to keep in mind the limitations of keeping the base sized for your battle map (be it hexes or squares).  Some GMs are VERY unbending on the base size and it MUST fit in the space with no overlap.  When I GM I'm not worried to much with some overlap.  But then again, I'm normally the person painting the miniatures for the players also.


Yeah, sometimes when a figure has an integral (FLAT, FEATURELESS) base, and there's no way to do anything with it without turning the whole task into a huge ordeal, I'll make a compromise by just painting the flat surface a mid-tone grey, then applying some washes of dirty green, brown-grey, and sometimes a touch of rust, to give the base surface a "stained concrete" look and thus break up the flatness.  It won't win any contests, but for me at least, it feels like now it looks like I "did something," and didn't simply forget the base.  :)


I've done this myself, a number of times. Certain bases have an integral "bumpiness," a texture like tiny bumps, meant to give tooth to the glue, that when painted gray and stained, looks like stone. You can even dry brush them a little.


Wargames Factory's zombie hordes are all slotless minis with flat feet that come with round, bumpy bases of this sort. You can glue them straight to the base with no pinning, and they basically never come off. You can do a dozen at a time and speed paint them and the bases will all end up looking like concrete.

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Ultimately, it comes down to what YOU, as the painter, like. (Unless you are painting for a client)


I base everything with something, be it flock, static grass, sand, or more recently, Resin scenic bases.

I backed the recent Happy Seppuku KS, so I expect to be doing more with scenic bases in the near future as well...




And like you, I have been putting at least static grass on bases since the 80s....


Good choice with the Happy Sepukku.  I backed their first Kickstarter.  That is one of their forms on the Hellborn I posted.

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Getting ready to lock in my pledge. It was so long ago I didn't even remember what we wanted.  It seems I checked the 2" bases, but my needs have changed and I'm reconsidering. 


If you had $10 to play with, what would you add? 


I was looking at the clear wings and such and kind of wishing for clear bases, too.  The flat rounds could be used to represent flying or invisible figures during a game...



I couldn't find where I'd mentioned it before and this seemed like the best place to do it, sorry! It seemed like a few wargaming groups liked it - I really like how you can see the game board underneath.


The big river/warrior lady place sells "Epoxy Stickers for Bottle Cap Pendants" that are 1" clear circles. They aren't particularly thick, but they are very cheap. If you've ever seen the bottle cap pendants/keychains at cons, you'll have an idea of it.


I did see that one company sells pretty thick, clear bases, but some sturdy ones from Reaper would be fantastic too. ::):

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First off, OP, what are trying to do? Start a religious war? Might as well asked DC vs. Marvel, or Star Wars vs. Star Trek. ::D:


For me I do as little with a base as possible.  Mostly because the majority of the time I find painting to be a chore.  My bases are generally a little bit of acrylic gel medium, some sand, earth tone, and depending on what I'm doing, flock.  My Dreadball figures all have flat black bases because it seemed to fit better.  If I ever get around to paining my Imperial Assault figures they'll probably get the same.  If it's something I'm painting just for the sake of painting I'll get a little fancier, but not much.  Just enough to help set the tone for the figure.  As far as shape goes, I'm fairly impartial. 


Mechs, starships, aircraft, and hover tanks get hexes, mostly because games with them tend to call for hexes.  6mm sci-fi gets rectangles.  28mm and 15mm figures on rounds. Fantasy figures when I paint them tend to get whatever I grab first.  I vacillate between square and round on those depending on if they're intended for a game that requires squares or not.  If I'm doing a display figure it'll probably be on a largish square for the figure so I have room to build the scene like I did with my Biker Chick Sophie.  Even that one is just a flat square with a green stuff road surface and a gel medium/sand shoulder and dirt.  But then there's my dragon that is just on a stained wooden round plaque.  I've never done a really complex base or even used a plinth or anything like that. I have tons of left over cork that could be used, but can't seem to be bothered to do so.  Of course, I haven't painted anything to completion in a really long time.

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    • By Thrym
      We all keep knick knacks and trinkets to make things from in the future.  Whether it's some small bit, like dragon pendant I got from Salvation Army for 50 cents or some cardboard forms that hold tech devices in place that look like good buildings for Battletech.
      I wrote about Bottlecaps as bases a while ago.
      Recently, I found the plastic mounting bracket that's been floating around my bench and figured out what I wanted to start making.  I usually draw out what I intend to do, but the shape of the bracket defined its purpose.
      This compilation uses a bunch of various finds.  So towards that end, I am going to have a little contest.  
      Guess all of the items which I used in here and you will get a random Bones mini.  I will provide a numbered list and one clue because one SET is fairly hard to figure out.
      1. ______
      2. ______
      3. ______
      4. ______
      5. ______ Bracket
      Clue:  These odd pieces were disassembled from a triangular cap.

      The bricks are actual brick I bought off of Wish.  I got the standard bricks plus the square in gray and brick red.  I also have small triangles in brick red.
      The stone was split length wise so it was nice and flat. The terrain is a custom grind of bark, black walnut bark, dark cork and and coarse normal cork.
      The gears are from Michael's jewelry and findings section.  Some of the white on the terrain is baking soda mixed with super glue.
      Here's the piece primed...

      Stay tuned and enjoy.
    • By ced1106
      Designs include cobblestone, cobblestone, green 40K, and yeah I'll pick up more cobblestone. 
      Made in the USA. Economic disruption in China has shut down non-essential production, including plastic injection figures.
      Q&A on Dakka : https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/0/785873.page
      Live: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/secretweapon/hd-bases-by-secret-weapon-miniatures
    • By Jordan Peacock
      I put in for a bag on the Black Friday sale, because ever since I was a kid, I had a certain fascination with the surprise element of grab bags ... and there's something especially fun about the assortment of random bits from SWM: "How can I make use of this oddball base / terrain bit?"

      Basically, the story behind the "Bag o' (Crud)" (that's not what it's actually called, but Wendy would be disappointed in me if I used that word in casual conversation) is that it's a bag of whatever assorted bits are on hand that aren't quite up to Secret Weapon Miniatures's usual production standards -- so there might be some bases with warping, or bubbles in the base near the edge, or breakage, etc.  I also notice a lot of variation in resin color, so maybe some are the result of testing out different resin types for casting.  Sometimes the bases show no discernible flaws at all, but that might simply be because he throws in a few random spare bits to fill out the bag if there's not enough "trash" around.

        In particular, I got some more "Shattered Ritual" bases of assorted sizes and styles.  (I got a big oval "Shattered Ritual" base, and actually bought one 120mm round-lipped "Shattered Ritual" base last Black Friday circa 2018.  I thought I could use the latter to base an Iron Kingdoms mini project, but never got around to it, as the campaign had already ended, and noises about possibly starting it up again got well snuffed out.)  I *love* this style, even though it's rarely a fit with the sorts of games I typically run. Basically, each base has an intricate collection of "magic circle" designs with a ruinous look, like some wizard's tower had circles-upon-circles interlinking with each other, and then SOMETHING WENT HORRIBLY WRONG. (And thus the "shattered" part.)

        The surface of the flooring is fairly smooth, but with lots of finely scribed detail that would be a pain to try to paint out by conventional means. However, I found a method that works for me:   1) Spray-paint it with white primer, right out of the bag. It seems as if there's just a tiny bit of residual mold release that collects in the "scribed" areas (or perhaps there's some other "surface tension" effect taking place), and the end result is that the paint tends to collect on the flat, top surfaces, but DOES NOT pool into the sharp scribed lines, so this actually *brings out* the detail more.   2) Once it has fully dried, I smear the surface, section by section, with Apple Barrel paints "Pewter" acrylic, then wipe it off, allowing the paint to "stain" the surface and especially the recessed areas. "Pewter" is a strange "dirty grey" color that has an ever-so-faintly yellow-green shift to it. It ends up turning the white-primered surface into what looks (to my eyes) something like aged porcelain, with a faintly grimy yellowish tint to the surface, and a dirty-grey "stain" that brings out the scribed lines. Sometimes in the course of wiping off the excess, I will catch some of the paint in the recesses, so I go back later (after it has dried) to do some touch-up work where needed.   3) I apply some brown wash to the exposed "ground" areas where cracks between the "magic circles" have given way. If some of this brown splashes onto the surface, I just wipe it away, and any resulting "stain" just adds to the grimy effect of the ruins.   4) Using a fine liner brush, I trace the thicker border lines around the circles with Golden Yellow (not a particularly BRIGHT yellow), and then go back with a very little bit (at a time) of watered-down Pumpkin Orange to tint random parts of the golden-yellow for a little color variety. (Burnt Sienna would probably work well, too.)   5) Also using a fine liner brush, I go in and do some spot tinting of some of the circles, symbols, and other shapes (but not all!) with various pastel or otherwise reduced-saturation paint colors (Barnyard Red, French Blue, Denim Blue, Pewter, Olive, etc.), slightly watering down if necessary, as I want a *hint* of color, not solid, garish spots. It's perfectly fine if the colors are "dirtied" a bit, or the coverage isn't complete, since a bit of *wear* would be appropriate.

        Here's "Fiametta" (Soda Pop Miniatures - "Relic Knights" - heroine from "Doctrine" faction) painted up and based on the rounded-lip "Shattered Ritual" base I got from the latest Bag o' Crud ... on top of the oval base I got in last year's Bag o' Crud ... on top of a Tablescapes "Forgotten City" tile set.  "Doctrine" is basically this faction centered around a "magical academy" in Relic Knights, so the "mook" forces are a bunch of magic-school kids (boring looking guys in school uniforms, and girls in really short skirts, all waving wands), with most of the heroes either being "teachers" or other "staff" at the school, plus a few special "graduates" ("mahou shoujo" types, mostly).  The faction color is yellow/gold, so I used it for the base rim, and also used it as a recurring element for the magic circles on the Shattered-Ritual bases.
    • By Morihalda
      Several friends helpfully pointed out that before I started throwing wild ideas at Ma'al's base, I should probably practice them somewhere else first. That base is on my February list, so I gotta get practicing!
      - Completely covered giant base.
      - No integrated parts. I chopped 'em off.
      - Water with a "live" edge!
      - The first dragon I owned, blessed upon me by my first Box of Goodwill group, and a perfect fit for a Silversage dragon.
      - Plain, round, smaller base.
      - Rocks from his original base are staying.
      - Probably no water.
      - He's just plain cool. He's gonna be my Boelen's python!
      I used PVA glue to put the cork together, and hot glued everything to the bases. Thank you for your sacrifices, peanut butter and pickle lids!

      I fell in love with Paepercut's youtube channel after @Clearman mentioned it in my Ma'al thread. Y'all. That guy is SO COOL. The vast majority of the things I'll be doing here are from his videos. And if I don't think they are, they probably still are because I'm forgetful like that.   Onward!
      Actually. Onward in a little bit. I gotta go check out the nearest store and see if they have distilled water for the next steps. Be right back!
    • By SGHawkins09
      The official arrival/departure thread for Round 2 of the Basing Edition of the Box of Goodwill.
      PLEASE make sure to post when you receive the box and when you send it off.

      Remember, NO CHATTER, chatter thread is here:

      Box of Goodwill, Basing Edition Round 2 - Chatter Thread

      SGHawkins09 - sent 2/16
      Keianna - arrived 2/20, sent 2/27
      Sylverthorne - arrived 3/1, sent 3/9
      NecroMancer - arrived 3/12, sent 3/15
      hungerfan - arrived 3/18, sent 3/23
      Ulfheathen - arrived 3/26, sent 4/2
      Aryanun - arrived 4/4, 
      hiddenone32 - new box arrived 6/11, sent 6/15
      Clearman - arrived 6/18
      Guildenstern - arrived 6/27, sent 7/2
      Shadowphaze - arrived 7/5, sent 7/9
      Generic Fighter - arrived 7/11
      Dilvish the Deliverer - arrived 8/8

      Dilvish the Deliverer - sent 2/26
      Wyvernfire - arrived 2/27, sent 3/10
      Chaoswolf - arrived 3/12, sent 3/26
      Knarthex - arrived 3/28, sent 4/13
      Paradoxical Mouse - arrived 4/16
      Dragoneye - arrived 8/8, sent ReaperCon
      Kangaroorex - arrived ReaperCon, sent 9/18
      Fire_Eyes - arrived 9/20, sent 
      Keianna - arrived 10/1, sent 10/10
      Pegazus - arrived 10/12
      SparrowMarie - arrived 10/24
      LittleBluberry - arrived 11/10
      SGHawkins09 - arrived 01/18/19
      Only two groups this time and they are fairly large so make sure to keep the boxes moving. Also you may notice Keianna is listed in both groups, this is intentional as she did not receive a box last time.
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