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I've got a question...or two. Lol


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I didn't realize until I saw the post from March 2nd about the new minis that some of your minis are actually made with metal material. Prior to knowing this I had ordered some minis and some paints.


The one half orc sorcerer mini (the one with the cool armor and holding his staff with both hands),

Dorly, the Halfling with the musket.

And a shadowguard mini.


Noticing their prices were a little bit more expensive than the normal reaper bones minis, I assumed that these pieces were a better quality plastic, but are they actually made of metal? Like how the new Lich piece is from March 2nd and so forth.


If so, would i need to get primer in order to paint them, and what primer would people recommend?


March 7th, not second. Good job, me.

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Reaper has a nice brush on primer (available in white or black... the grey will be released with the paint sets from the CAV Kickstarter sometime in the near future).


Tamiya Fine spray primer works well.


Krylon primer is ok...


GW spray primer is good (but really, really expensive)


Army Painter spray primers come in different colors (like 20+)


Options... you have options!

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By total number of parts, the vast majority of Reaper's miniatures are metal. If the description doesn't say "Bones" or "resin" or something, they're metal (a high-tin-content alloy, unless I'm much mistaken).


From just the description, I'd be hard pressed to guarantee that they are all metal, but I suspect they are.


You will want to use a primer on them. I thought there used to be a pinned primer recommendation thread, but I'm not finding it now.


The usual recommendations include:


Tamiya Fine Surface primer

Reaper Brush-On primers

Krylon sandable primers (home stores and Wal-Mart)

Dupli-color primer (auto stores)




I most commonly use Krylon, but that's mostly a matter of convenience. Make sure the primer coat is thin; you don't have to spray until there are no shiny bits.

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What everyone else said is good advice. I use primarily brush on primer as a matter of convenience. I use the RMS white and black, I also use a Vallejo grey brush on. They all work well.


In addition, there are a grillion videos on YouTube that can give you some ideas and information on this same subject.

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What they said^^^


I use brush-on... Either Reaper white, a mix of the Reaper black and white primers to get grey, or Iron Wond Metals/Partha Paint white (baps Buglips away from her paints).


Brush-on is easier for me to control. Spray primers are great if you can do it right. I suck at it, so brush for me!


Make sure to wash your mini in soapy water and clean for flash and mould lines. Metal is much easier to work with (to me... YMMV).

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The Bones are a relatively new thing on the scene, and most of Reapers catalog is actually metal.

Thank you. I have to admit, as an old schooler I bristled at the sentence "Noticing their prices were a little bit more expensive than the normal reaper bones minis..." (emphasis mine).


Bones is fine, for what it is. I use it for some things, too. But it will never be the "normal" state of a miniature in my mind. The popularity of Kickstarter can be a real curse sometimes.


On topic, I recently began using the Vallejo brush on primers, for when I can't use sprays. Best brush on primers I've encountered so far.

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Yes all of those minis are metal. If you are not sure you can look at the part numbers. I believe High 60,000's through 80,000s are Bones of various distinctions. While Dark Heaven Legends are all 2000's and 3000's Metal Warlord minis are 14,000s.

This was all from just a quick check of the catalog so if I'm wrong on these feel free to correct me.

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