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Was planning on the Dragon King being my next big Kingdom Death project, but I fell in love with this as I built it:-




Currently waiting for all the greenstuffed gaps to dry (Kingdom Deaths plastics are lovely, but I do think they could do more to disguise the joins between the pieces).

At least I earned some more mini-prepping experience points.

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Amazing!  But seeing that this is Kingdom Death, something tells me I should NOT go hunting around for any close-ups of the model if I want to avoid losing any sanity points.  :)


It's not too bad, it sticks to the creepy hands side of Kingdom Death mini design, not the surprise genitalia side.



So, finally made some progress on this one. For some reason the smell of my primer kept making me feel pretty sick, so it took a lot of little undercoating sessions before I could make a start on actual painting:-




The stone heads are finished (Vallejo Dark Sea Grey > Black Wash > Dark Sea Grey drybrush > Vallejo Wolf Grey Drybrush), and I've basecoated the roots (Vallejo Beasty Brown) and vines (Vallejo Olive Green) and given them a Brown Wash.


Sadly the greenstuff work I did to the gaps on the trunk didn't turn out as good as I thought it had. I didn't make as much of a mess as I normally do, but it's still pretty obvious where the greenstuff is, even after painting.

Oh well, baby steps.

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Making my way (slowly) up the trunk.


Haven't gotten very far because while it is a very nice mini, I'm not finding it particularly fun to paint.

Something I think I'm going to find all my very large Kingdom Death minis have in common sadly.

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