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So, the story behind this character plays on the stereotype of elves as forest dwelling archers. 


This young gal's elven family decided to move into a town and are making their living as farmers.  However, young Gwenevieve here takes great pride in her elven heritage and sneaks off when she's supposed to doing chores to practice with her grandfather's bow. 


I was going for a simple overalls sort of dress, baggy hand-me-down sleeves from the shirt underneath, and barefoot to convey the peasant status.  I also gave her short hair as she was going for function over fashion (much to the chagrin of her poor mother).


I'll start throwing paint at her sometime soon (when I sit down with my Halfling shield maiden most likely).


I'm a bit disappointed by the quality of the photos, but it's my own fault since I haven't had my wife (the tech support) teach me how to use the digital camera she bought.  I can't get it to focus on anything.





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Thanks, Xherman 1964 and all who looked and liked  :=)

I'll eventually post her in show off when I get her painted, but I may post a better shot or two here if I can sweet talk the wife into helping me figure out the mystery that is the digital camera.  All I can ever get it to focus on is the background  :=/

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Yeah, I think maybe I needed to tuck the right leg under more.  I had actually sculpted the frame and done just a little of the GS to begin fleshing her out something like 6 months or more ago.  I've gotten better about understanding how to work up an effective armature now. 


Still, I rather like how the sculpt turned out.  She may well find her way into a warband at some point.


Thanks for the feedback  :=)

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I think she looks really good, but the pose of the legs looks rather awkward and painful.


It does look wrong, but oddly enough it's pretty close to a real-life crouched/squatted position in archery, it's just that her legs are probably bent too far. I can't find a picture but it looks something like this (bow photoshopped on):



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Thanks, Cosmic_Mastermind!  Not gonna lie, having that image verify that I was in the right ball park is nicely affirming  :=)  Excellent work on the Photoshop job, by the way.  If you hadn't told me it was added in, I would never have guessed it.

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Thanks, Cosmic_Mastermind!  Not gonna lie, having that image verify that I was in the right ball park is nicely affirming  :=)  Excellent work on the Photoshop job, by the way.  If you hadn't told me it was added in, I would never have guessed it.


Someone else Photoshopped it. I can do it, but it takes me ages. :-D


Be careful to get the lengths of the arms and legs right when you build the wire skeleton; your female elf archer has very long arms and legs; it is possible to create a very good sculpt that has deliberate altered proportions - if you look at a Barbie doll, Barbie's legs are much too long, but the overall effect is realistic - but for most miniatures you need "normal" proportions - although of course, on most gaming miniatures the proportions are exaggerated. One thing I'm pleased to see you got right is that she does look obviously feminine; even if her boobs were hidden she would still look female because she's quite slender and her face is smooth and rounded.

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Thanks for the input.  I actually considered snipping her arms to shorten them slightly, but thought it might then make the legs look too long.  In the end, I think she's just a lovely young gal who can easily reach the top shelves, so that's simply added bonus  :=)

Seriously, though, I greatly appreciate the feedback and am glad that the effeminate aspects of her overall shape (not just chest) and facial contour accurately read as feminine.  Thanks, as always, for insightful feedback and encouragement!

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