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Geeks Against Humanity - A Terrible Card Game About Geekdom


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About this project

Geeks Against Humanity is a card game (very similar to that other really popular card game) that pokes fun at Geek Culture. Let me assure you, we have a lot to poke fun at.

The base set is 150 cards and a self-contained game in and of itself. We are including the first expansion, which is a 75 card deck about geek movies & TV also, giving you plenty of playability (at least until you run out of friends because you've offended them all).

If you geek out over any of the following things, you will probably laugh yourself to tears playing our game with your friends: (Comics, Anime, Video Games, Roleplaying Games, Superhero Movies, Collectible Card Games, etc.)

However, if we didn't make it clear... This is a NSFW game. We make fun of geek culture, and some of it's going to sting a bit. If you can't laugh at yourself, then who can you laugh at? Oh yeah, that guy showing entirely too much crack during the Magic the Gathering card tournament.

<<<MOD: Image Removed>>>

By pledging, you too can become a terrible person and make fun of those who already suffer from self-esteem issues. Custom Cards!

If you pledge for the Epic Self-Aggrandizement pledge, you'll get (3) submissions for custom cards. All cards submitted will be printed and added to your sets. You can add on (3) additional custom cards for $10. Just increase your pledge amount and add some custom cards. We will consider using any cards you submit for future expansions!

#Sharing is caring. Even if you don't pledge, please share and spread the joy of nerds making fun of geeks and dorks making fun of dweebs. Retailers

Please contact me personally on how to carry our products in your store.

Risks and challenges

There are no risks, unless you risk being hit by a truck or something on the way to the post office. Brian Berg and Jim Pinto are established publishers in the gaming industry. We've already written the cards. We've printed test decks and made fun of a lot of people already, which is really fun, you should try it. If we make enough for a print run, we'll print and ship your stuff.

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