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Reign of Terrain by Kris McDermott


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About this project

Hello my name is Kris and welcome to the Reign of Terrain campaign.

I run a small business making RPG tiles and tokens – and recently branched out to create a massive deluxe and double-sided fantasy city rooftop tile and mat set that was successfully funded on Kickstarter. Now I am turning my attention to creating dozens and dozens of all-new TERRAIN MATS featuring Snow, Ice, Forest, Jungle, Desert, Mountain, Tundra, Beach, Wasteland, Rock, Ocean, Caverns, Swamp, Grassy Plains and more & WITH all-new special tile packs that you can overlay on the mats to add fallen logs, bridges, timber lookout posts, tree-huts, buried temples, pyramids, gateways, sunken caves, rockpools, burrows, ravines, trees & stumps, pits, ruins and more – where YOU want them to be. Look what I can do with just 5 of them:

e44af1f5464d52fabde6e7972d052487_originaMore than 180+ Custom Tiles for Just $99 AUD

 How about a closer look at that Tree-hut?


  • My Terrain mats will measure 10x10†square, are highly-detailed and printed professionally on 305 GSM black-core matt card stock. 
  • Each REIGN OF TERRAIN set will feature 9 double-sided mats, allowing you to create a 30 x 30†physical map for your adventures AND flip over the mats to access 9 different new designs! That's a massive 18 designs with countless combinations that you can move around and rotate to get the layout you want and even further customize using lay-over tiles - and that's with 1 terrain type. Buy more than one or two of the same one and let the options rain down!
  • You can choose a variety of overlaid gridding to suit your play-style from square gridding,crosshairhex or even none.
  • Choose PDF Digital Files for VTT etc, or printed mats for instant lay-n-play or a mix of both.Whichever mats you buy you also get the digital files for them!
  • File types include all PDF or all PNG. Each file is 3075 x 3075 pixels and averages about 15mb in size.
  • Stretch Goals will include a specially crafted gigantic CASTLE & DUNGEON set, ELVEN TREETOP set, and TOWN & COUNTRY set each featuring all-new designs.
  • Add-on the double-sided CUSTOM TILE pack with 190+ pieces by adding $99 to your pledge. (Includes 36 x 5x5" mats, 24 x 4x4" mats, 21 x 2x8" mats, 24 x 3.75 x 3.25" hex mats, 50 x 1.25 x 1.75" tiles, 36 x 3.5 x 3.5" round tiles specially designed to use with these mats featuring the environmental representations to further customize your mats, listed above.)
  • Throughout the campaign, I will post mini-pics of the artwork as I progress so you can see exactly where your dollar is going!
  • Every pledge of $25 or more gets your name listed as a backer on our website - but a few will have their name etched forever into the GTW Obsidian Monolith, a special hallowed rock of fame.
  • Every pledge gains you 1 vote if we reach the very special Stretch Goal listed below to unlock 1 of 2 incredible new mat sets.

Here is a sample of the JUNGLE artwork so you can see for yourself how my designs stack up for your needs.


9494c109cca47c7806a9c3a797019761_originaPrint Me. Use Me. You know you want to!

These beautiful mat sets will give you EVERY Kind of Terrain you'll ever need in a huge variety of designs for maximum playability and novelty so you can unleash a veritable REIGN OF TERRAIN upon your table-top! On the final versions the gridding is much less visible to showcase the artwork.

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