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So, I Made a Wall...

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I decided that a wall would be a quick and easy way to break up some line of sight and make for a more interesting table for gaming (such as Frostgrave which my daughter and I are gearing up to play).  Therefore, I took some Sculpey and worked the basic wall shape, then I put in rocks that were used decoratively on a potted plant and set them in as if they were the rocks from which the wall was made.

The first picture shows my first cast of it next to the original piece.  I have done 2 so far and got them painted today.  I'll probably add an additional wash to the lighter areas as I only put a wash of black on the stones, but thought it would be too dark for the "mortar" areas.


Hope you enjoy the wall!






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Thanks for all the positive feedback and encouragement!  I was actually worried that it might look too busy if I overdid the rocks, but in retrospect, I think more would have worked.  Maybe there will be future ones, David.  Maybe there will indeed (ominous music begin softly in the background and swells to a crescendo).


I'll definitely be getting that mortar wash done at some point and I'll post an update with it. 


The walls made me really happy and I'm glad to hear that others are also enjoying them  :=)  Thanks!

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