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AnneO'Leary! Welcome back!


This is a nice team to come back with. I love Hasslefree's aesthetic, and you've painted them up cleanly and clearly as a team.

Thank you Pingo!  I've gone back over some of your latest work and you are on fire!  You've painted so many and I do enjoy seeing the work of people who have a fine arts background.



Wow welcome back Anne, you were one of the first people to give me advice here :). Your work looks fantastic as always and a pleasure to view. ;)


Thank you!  I checked out those post apocalyptic figures you've been doing and I just love them.  The subdued palettes are perfect for those figures and your brushwork is excellent. I want to see more of those figures!



WELCOME BACK ANNE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got so glad to see you I clicked on your name, not your post..LOL


Looking fantastic.

Will be nice to see you working and visiting again !

You have been greatly missed.




Jasonator!! You are one of the kindest people on this forum and it's a pleasure to see you again.  I see you are back to painting DSM and I'm on my way to comment on your most recent post.



It's been about a year-so long time, no see.  




Thank you for looking.


You're back!  :wub:  You're back!  :wub:​  You're back!  :wub:​  You're back!


...and the minis look great.  :poke:

Your: "...some brush control" is way better than I can manage on my very best day.  <_<



Thank you so much!!  What you're not seeing is the 5 or 10 really horrid mini's I painted before I got to these.  They were bad, really bad, so bad in fact I never want to see them again.



Very glad to see you back! I was just thinking it had been a good long while.


This bunch is pretty fantastic. I love the strong directional lighting on the paving stones, and I really appreciate the wide palette of skin tones with the reduced palette of clothing; it works very well. Nicely done.


Thank you for noticing the skin tones.  I used crimson red, burgundy wine, winter blue, amethyst and green ocher as shading and highlight colours. It's the first time I've ever gone beyond just using the triads for skin tones.  



Thank you all for the warm welcome.  It is good to be back! 

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