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Blood Widow as Spider Woman

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She is a deadringer for Spiderwoman, so good job!!

Exactly what he said. Even if I hadn't read the title, I'd know who she was.

Good job!

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    • By Pingo
      This was a diorama entry in the Crystal Brush competition at Adepticon last month. 
      (The Adepticon 2018 picture thread is here, new images still being added.)
      Does anyone recognize the spider-centaur queen figure at the top? Someone asked me what mini it was and I couldn’t answer.

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      I was asked to make a custom Water bending miniature for a customer of mine who is running a Marvel Superhero game at out local Gaming club. I used the Reaper Bones Water Weird (77310) and the Drowned Spirit (03727) to create a custom kit bashed miniature. The players favorite color is Blue so I was asked to fit as many shades of the color into the model as possible. If you have any questions on how I made this feel free to ask here or on my FB page. (facebook.com/TabletopGlory) I have many more that I will be doing for his campaign one of witch will be made from the Virina, Female Demon (03084) where ill be hand painting cloths onto the miniature. (I'll be making a small video to explain all the modifications for this one.)

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      To add to my spam of the forum, I decided to document another one of my sculpts on here...the Mighty Thor.  Also keeping with my hero project, and coincidentally bolstering the ranks of the Avengers.
      I have included a couple of scale shots as I notice there aren't many pics of the armatures out there.  Notice how it scales with the non-heroic dolly and my usual scale model of Deano by Hasslefree Miniatures.
      For the first stage I am starting with the bottom of his tunic and I will build up from there to get the layers correct.  He will have his hammer hanging loosely in his right hand and the left will be a clenched fist.

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      Here is one of my latest super hero figures, a speed paint of the Silver Samurai.
      I saw a few details were soft on the Bones version, but I was very impressed with this fig.  Yes, I see I missed a few mold lines, I didn't see most of them until I started painting and only cleaned up the most obvious ones at that point.  The Bones sword being anchored at two points made it practically impossible to straighten.  I will likely pick one up in metal down the road to paint as a traditional samurai.
      Comments appreciated, a very quick speed paint, I elected to go for vibrant stylized equipment instead of realism as I was already trying to elicit the stylized silver used in comics already.
      More pics and ramblings on my blog.

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      So I have dove into the first conversion for my super hero project, turning Dr Dread into his muse: Dr. Doom.
      If you haven't checked this guy out, he scales very well with 28mm truescale, but would be small compared to some of the more heroic ranges out there.  I have included a comparison pic with a Hasslefree mini.
      Today saw the basic cape added.  I have some clean up to do once it cures.
      I tried to make his cape billow in the same general way the wind has moved his tabard, I think I did capture it.
      Comments appreciated, updates to come as I manage to find time to post it.
      More rambling about this project on my blog.

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