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New Terrain Tiles for the New Table

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Not much of anything to add really, just that I have been gluing tiles together and have updated the tiles sheet to show which have been completed.




Just another set of four to go and they will all be attached to mdf then the real fun starts.


Firstly I will make sure that all the river openings fit together better than just the basic cuts made to the foam.  From there I may sand the river banks a little to get a smoother feel here and there, although this will not make gaming on them any easier so it is something for me to think about.  Then all the banks and beds will get some gravel, sand and rocks added before some paint and then finally some water effects.


I really wish I could figure out how to link the pics to show in the post, sorry guys and gals.

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Had some hobby time today so I glued the last four tiles together and got them under the pile of book weights to dry.




I know it is just a pile of containers filled with books on top of the tiles, they need to dry for a while before I pull them out and start the next portion of the project.


For those playing along at home here is the updated score card.




See you folks in a day or two when everything is dry!

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Alright, I finally had some significant time for hobby stuff today so I was able to actually get two steps on this project finished.


First off I wanted to get all the river sections to line up at least well enough to not look wrong when placed together, as seen in these couple of pics here.






Nothing that a few tools and about thirty minutes total didn't take care of.






The whole thing went much faster than I had expected and with far less removal of material and adjusting of banks than I had feared, especially since the hot foam cutter can really mess up the foam when it gets hot.




With that step taking far less time than anticipated I moved onto the next step, which was to fill any of the massive melt holes, you can see them in the pics above, caused by the hot knife and smooth out any of the super rough spots in the banks using spackle.  The stuff I have goes on pink and dries white making it easier to see on the walls or in this case, the river banks.






At this point my girlfriend came home from work and decided she would help after seeing me having fun playing in the "stuff" with my hands.


















With her help we actually got all twelve tiles knocked out in less than an hour, leaving me with more time to hobby for the day!


Also, all of my woodland scenics stuff for this project finally arrived!  I fear that I do not have enough of the water to complete the project, I guess we shall see.




Thanks for looking, please fell free to comment and tell me what you think!


See you good folks soon!

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Been a few days but I did get some work done on this project.


I carved a few of the banks into more sloped areas and started adding some large and medium rocks to start making the river more than just banks and a bottom.










After a few hours dry time I shook off the loose rocks and added some course ballast to add move definition and interest to the river banks and beds.








After a few more hours that was shaken off and this is where I am now.




I thought I took more than a single pic of the results but I guess not.  That just leaves more for the next time!


Until then, rest easy and play hard!

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A little more work done on the tiles, the next level of smaller ballast added.














One more smaller ballast to apply before paint.  Hope to get the ballast done by Monday and paint started next week some time, fingers crossed.

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@Chaoswolf  --  Thanks, for the water I will be trying out the woodland scenics realistic water.  I have never used it before so it will be a learning experience.


@cunuckotter  --  Thanks!  Glad someone is enjoying watching the tiles come together, slowly.  It is all a new level for me, I have done similar projects in the past on a much smaller scale so I thought I would snap picks of everything and share as I go.  Hopefully it helps someone not make any mistakes that I end up making.


I have the day off tomorrow so I hope to get some hobby time in after errands and housework.  One last layer of fine ballast to go then some sticks and twigs need to find their way into the river and then paint....or maybe they should wait until after I paint???  Hmm, I will have to think on that I guess.


Then I need to figure out a way to seal the ends of the tiles so I can pour the water....something else to think on I guess.


Anyone ever done anything like this?  Have any advice for me?

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You want to use a sheet of plastic and make sure you have some epoxy and tape to attach it.


If you go to the Hirst Arts site, they have a good tutorial on how to add water to some of their tiles (including a modular sewer system).  Very simple step-by-step process.


Works better than how I fumbled through it years ago.


Big lesson I learned is to pour in stages, and very thin.  If you pour too much it stays hot in the middle and eventually melts the foam.  I had a complex swamp tile I did where I go lazy and poured the main water body all at once...and the ground started sagging and pink pits opened up near the shoreline.  Pretty much unsalvageable at that point.

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Pouring slowly onto a pouring stick is supposed to help avoid air bubbles. Stuff runs down the stick, then onto the stream bed.


SEAL the stream bed. Then SEAL it again. The ballasted areas are very vulnerable. It might have been better to seal the stream a couple of times first before adding pebbles and what not. But now you need to get a solid coating in every space and crevasse between each chunk of ballast. Pin holes can ruin you.

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