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New Terrain Tiles for the New Table

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@spencerjohn  --  Thank you sir.  Maybe it is the table....


Alright, it has been a little while since my last update but returning to work after a vacation is not cool plus some other things came up BUT I was not idle and have gotten a little more progress done on the tiles.


Carrying on from the last post where I started adding vegetation to the tiles...I finished the new rocks that I had placed onto the "beach boards", finished adding the tall grass to all the tiles and started the flocking of the tiles.




















I sat four of the tiles closely together to see how they would look together, I didn't butt them against each other as the glue is still wet and super delicate.




How delicate you may ask?  Remember me painting the tiles brown first, this is why.  A clump of flock came off when I tilted the tile up to shake off a little of the excess flock.




Speaking of excess flock, I now have none left and I only finished half of the tiles.  GAH!!!  I will have to order more from somewhere which means this part of the project goes on hold for at least a little while.  GAH!!!


All of these tiles still need a good solid shaking, once completely dry, to get all the loose flock off.  This may get enough flock to do one more tile.


For those of you keeping track at home, here is the score card.  Note that four of the tiles are completely finished at this point!!!  Woohoo!!!....half still need the last of the vegetation added and all the rest need water.  (I circled the ones that are all up to this stage of completion.)




That is where I am with the tiles as of roughly 6PM today.


My test pieces have been cut and the foam glued to the mdf and that is about it for them.  I will have plenty of time to get them finished for a test pour of the realistic water before the rest of the tiles get finished thanks to my underestimation of supplies needed for flocking.


I hope everyone is enjoying my little project???

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Oh jeesh!!!  Double post, again!  Sorry guys!


I forgot to post these pics!  They are some of the tiles laid out with some of my newly acquired foliage sitting on top to get a feel for the amount I have and may still need.


This first one is with just some standard foliage for a more "realistic" look.




This second one is more of an "alien world" look with the "unrealistic" coloration of some of the plants.




Those were a few of the comments made by my best gaming buddy Dr. Jones.


What do you guys think?

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Thoughts:  This project is really, really impressive. 


Trees:  The first pic of trees feels like the right amount to me.  The second pic, while fun and definitely alien, puts a lot of cover down on that alien world, maybe too much.  Depending on the game, that could be awesome.  For something like 40k, probably a bit much, but I could very well be wrong, too. 

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@Darkmeer  --  Thank you sir.  You are correct about IF we still played 40k there would already be too much terrain on the table! ;-)  Thankfully, we do not still play that game, having moved on to more small scale skirmished sized games, a lot of terrain makes for far more interesting games.


@Pochi  --  Thanks!  They are a mix of fun and learning so I am enjoying the process quite a bit actually.  I like your cottage btw and am looking forward to seeing it finished on its base.


@Chaoswolf  --  Thank you brother of chaos.  I do like both of the pics as well.  My initial thoughts for the trees and larger foliage is to make large bases and have the larger trees and clumps and groups of other foliage on them to represent low visibility/no visibility zones for our games. Now I am debating on whether or not to permanently affix the brightly colored plants to the bases with the other trees or to do them as stand alone bases.


Thanks for all the encouragement folks, it helps keep me going towards my goal on these.


Hopefully I will have an update soon.

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Trick to help keep flock on the tiles: hairspray.


Yes, hairspray.  Obviously not aerosol (as it may dissolve the Styrofoam).  I find a good "strong hold" or "bold" or other silly adjective meaning it keeps hair in place really good works the best.  Wait until the glue is dry, gently tap off the excess then mist with hairspray until it is damp.

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@hosercanadian  --  Thanks for the advice, I think I may have to try that instead of spraying on another coat of glue.


@Chaoswolf  --  Yeah, that is what I am starting to lean toward.  It will give me more versatility, a point my buddy brought up as well, even though I really do like the look of the bright colors mixed in with the regular stuff.

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That is indeed a very impressive table. I think it really gets better and better with every update. For added realism I recommend to load the airbrush with some thinned brown paint or a wash and to very lightly cover the entire flora with it. Just to draw it all together and to remove some of the stark contrasts. The two pictures below might exemplify this. The first one is before, the second after. It is a very subtle difference, but I think one can see the effect. With this piece I used some brown wash, but I don't see why you could not just spray it through the airbrush. Did you consider adding some fish or other critters to the boards for added realism?



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@Peithetairos  --  Thanks for the kind words.  I am mostly happy with the results up to this point in the process.  I get what you are saying about the contrasting flora and had read something similar somewhere else and I am considering doing this.  I do kind of lie the contrasting areas though, well some of them anyway.  At first I was considering the possibility of adding some fish to the stream but now I am pretty sure I will not be doing that.  As for the other critters that will most likely be a no as well since these will be used for any game we play from fantasy rpgs to far distant sci-fi alien worlds wargaming.

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@Malefactus  --  Thank you sir for the very nice compliment, I wish that I could take credit for any of the larger plants but they are all fishtank plants or plants from the lizard section at the pet store.  Some to all of them will eventually make it onto bases with other foliage.


All my restock of supplies finally showed up so I was able to complete the flocking of the tiles!  WOOHOO!


Here is the updated score card for all those playing along at home.




Here are the last of the tiles drying, including one in the very back on the workbench.




That leaves just the realistic water to add and then these will be finished!  SOOooo close, yet so far away.


My test pieces are still languishing in a half finished state so I need to get those ready so I can pour the test pieces and really figure out what I need to do.


Well, until next time C&C is always welcomed, have a good night.

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