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Frostgrave Terrain by Chaoshead(VERY PIC HEAVY)

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Ran out of time last night for an update so here it is today.


The ruins are great the way they are BUT two things bug me about them, neither of which have to do with the product themselves for the most part but are just my little thoughts about them.


Firstly, they are ruins, there needs to be rubble here and there to help convey the message a little more clearly without too much thought, so I added some rubble.  All I had was this light colored stuff so I will have to give it a darker wash.




Secondly, All the brown of the wood really throws off the feeling that these are stone ruins, so I gave everything a quick, not subtle slightly heavy handed dry brushing of a light to medium grey.  I wasn't going for complete coverage, just enough to get rid of the vast majority of the brown to help the ruins look more like the stone they are suppose to be.




Outside too but only about 75-80% of the way to the bottom from the top.




Then in a very rash decision for myself I said, "you know what, just do it....."


So, I did, I grabbed the white paint and started dry brushing the tops of the walls, edges of the paving stones and whatever else I felt might get snow and frost on it!


That's right, I just made my first set of dedicated terrain.  This will forever be usable in snowy wastes and winter weather games and will look out of place in jungles and deserts!






Then looking at all the pieces I realized I hadn't touched the rubble piles so I gave them a pretty heavy dry brush of white.




Then I realized I had forgotten to give the rubble a wash to darken it all down!   :grr:  :down:  :grr: .....crap.


Well, snow to come in another day or two, for now that is where this stands.


Hope you like it or find it interesting at the very least.

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Okay, first little update was actually from yesterday but I was too tired to post it once we were finished doing stuff.


The treasure tokens are, for the most part now in the hands of my GF to finish.  She has decided that she likes that part of the hobby enough to get them done with some direction.


Here she is sitting at my painting desk working on them.




Treasure tokens with just a black wash added for some shadows and depth.




Closer view, just enough difference to say you did something to them but can't tell exactly what.




Any further updates on the treasure tokens will be posted by her from now on, maybe in this thread, maybe not....


Hello All  ...  this is my first post on a message board of any sort in about 20 years  ...  chaoshead has graciously decided to allow me to help with his Hobby projects if I am so inclined  ...  I never really thought myself handy, crafty or artistic so it never occurred to me to offer my help for the past 19 years or so that we have been a couple, lol.


When I helped with the new Table it was fun, I actually enjoyed sanding, staining & poly coating stuff, lol!  Though it may look like I do not like the "stuff" on my hands in the River Tiles (I believe that is another post strain) ... but it was actually fun to help, I just don't like dirty hands. :) 


I have helped here & there in little ways for the past month or so  ...  a couple days ago however, I got my biggest help assignment yet! While chaoshead helped the Boy-Child and his adorably nerdy friends play a game of FrostGrave ... I was tasked with adding sparkles to the Treasure Tokens. This is when the Treasure Tokens became my project! I have since put on a black wash, done a little dry brushing & painted the bases black. There are a few more to finish up and probably a couple more steps until they are complete. As mentioned I require some direction & tutelage as this is ALL new to me! I will be learning how to paint small objects and who knows what else but I am up for the Challenge!


The Boy-Child while on a Supply run to Michael's with chaoshead decided Dice Boxes would be a perfect Hobby project for me since I enjoyed sanding & stain the Table with chaoshead so much. I started sanding the boxes today but I think we have decided to round out the top edges of the boxes ... so I will be learning how to use the dremel!


I am not sure if I will post the progress on those here or start a new strain of my own  ...  probably that  :)


Here are some pics of what I have completed so far in regards to the Treasure Tokens.










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@HobbyPrincess  --  The treasure counters are looking good.  Need to paint the rest and seal the ones you have finished and we are gtg!


@Malefactus  --  Thank you for the kind words sir, much appreciated.  I love your stuff, it is very fun to look at and shows great imagination, skill and dedication.  Please keep sharing with all of us.


@Krulebear  --  Thank you, this will be my first dedicated set of terrain as far as making it region or weather specific so I figured, why not!


A short little update.


I hit the rest of the ruined buildings with the same light grey followed by white dry brushing.  This means that they are all ready to receive snow!




Stay tuned for the next episode of "Chaos borrows everyone else's ideas and puts them to good use on his terrain!"


C&C always welcomed ladies and gents.

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Another quick little update, this time with snow.


Just white PVA glue and a bunch of WS snow flock applied with a blunt tool.


























It is all still drying, I really hope I made it thick enough that some of the big "drips" of snow stay, I kind of like them.


Maybe more after dinner, we shall see.


C&C welcomed.

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Treasure Token update:


Today was Gloss Varnish day ... who knew there was more than 1 kind of Varnish?

Anyway ... I learned how to Gloss Varnish thanks to my Prince @chaoshead.








Then I learned how to highlight & basic paint application ...


All of the off-white color is the 1st of 4 white shades I will be using that will get progressively lighter.






I can't paint my nails worth a damn but I'm not so bad at this ... at least so far, lol. Action shot:




That is all for tonight! I think I will read for a bit then go to bed ... unfortunately I still have to work for a living.

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@Chaoswolf  --  Thanks! Trying to get it all done so I can move on to the next project.


Another small update, just to show that I am still working on this stuff.


I added snow to the rest of the ruined houses and a few of the walls since I still had a little snow mix left.






Then I glued most of the loose floor tiles onto some thin card to make assembly and breakdown a little quicker.








Then I cut them out as close as I could to the tiles so that they would still go together nicely.






(I love those crackers!)


The edges of these need to be drybrushed once I find a suitable color, they are an odd tan/grey.  Then snow will be added to some of them I think to help tie them all together as a set.


I still have a few pieces of terrain to build for the frostgrave set so I will keep this thread going for a little while to come.

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Hello All,


After a few days "off" of Hobby'ing ... some due to work & some to sheer laziness, lol  ...  I finished two-thirds of the Treasure Tokens  ...  Here are the Shiny ones after the matte varnish was applied.








I also did some additional painting work on the other tokens that are left. Here is the result of that ... I turned the Skull into the start of the Onyx Skull  ... I added more color to the Tome  ...  lastly I added color to the Skull Crushing ax token.










Group Shot:




So far this has been quite a fun project ... maybe I will have some more time over my busy weekend to get some more accomplished!

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Thanks guys, it is appreciated.


So, weathering of the ruins continued until all were done.




So thats that....until the icicles.


While moving the ruined houses to another spot so I had room to work I noticed something a little off about the snow that had dried on some of the houses.  Closer inspection revealed that color from the hdf has leached into the snow and slightly discolored the mix.  At first I thought it may just be showing through the snow but after looking at more areas I could tell what had really happened.  Slightly disappointing.


I don't know how well it shows up in the pics but it is there.






That leaves just the floor tiles to drybrush and then get snow on a few of them.


Now.....I know that the HobbyPrincess has taken over the treasure tokens but she is taking her sweet time about it and I kind of want them done a little quicker than her.


Actually that is not what happened at all.  I was in a painting mood but didn't really want to paint a mini so I grabbed one of the tokens and started adding colors until it was mostly done.  I think I will try some OSL for the second time ever in my thirty year painting history.


Anyway, this is how it started off when I picked it up.






Little more yellow.






Started adding green.














Then some blue, which just makes the green look darker.






More blue.






That is where it is now and I think the only thing left on this one is to finish the base and practice some OSL.


Hope everyone is still enjoying this little foray into frostgrave terrain.


C&C is always welcomed.

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