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Old School Lead Adventuring Parties and a Few Antagonists

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I put thin layers of silver over some of the black-primed areas (and a few that weren't black-primed, with some interesting results).  Because the paint is so thin the black still shows through.  The idea is to make the metal look not pristine.


I apologize for the variable quality of the photographs.  I'm getting used to a new space and setup.



There's just a bit of copper on one of the goblins.













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I've put on little bits and bobs of color here and there while doing other projects, just little bits at a time.  Then I realized I hadn't taken any pictures lately. 


They have progressed some, mostly in the green, grey, and buff brown directions.
















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Oh, and the ninja has been identified as a very early Bob Ridolfi from when he was just starting out, one of probably 50 copies of this figure out there.

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These are coming along nicely Pingo. I like the different effects you are achieving with the metals.  I tend to avoid buying mini's that even have metal armour on them as I've no real idea how to paint it. 

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These are coming along nicely Pingo. I like the different effects you are achieving with the metals. I tend to avoid buying mini's that even have metal armour on them as I've no real idea how to paint it.


Metallic paints, I think, look best over a colored primer. I find it possible to get a wide variety of effects with just one of each of a bright silver, gold, and copper paint using a variety of different colors under and over them.


So far these are just painted with a base of pure black and thinned silver paint painted on lightly. On the textured armor the silver is almost drybrushed to show texture.


Metallic paints are semi-transparent, so the color underneath makes a big difference. Black is traditional under silver and looks a little cold and grimy under gold. Brick red is traditional under gold and gives it a real richness.


You can wash over the metallics with different colors to make them look entirely different. Two coats of the silver will look shinier and purer. Brick red and orange over silver makes it look like rusty steel. Seafoam green over copper looks like corrosion. It makes gold look like brass.


I'm planning to paint rust on the goblins' helms.

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Paint has been applied, mostly in the white - cream - grey regions.


Because of the constraints of working on these while I am doing other things, the palette is a bit limited.  I rarely use pure black or greys mixed only from black and white, but I have here.


I have also violated the rule of working from inside to out.  In a few places (like the witch's little skulls or the human thief's coil of rope) I have painted things before painting what's under them.


The whites on the old Grenadier Cleric and Paladin are pretty stark at the moment:









These are a few bone - parchment - rope colors:







The old RAFM ranger has a bird of prey on her wrist (marked), still mostly unpainted.

post-8022-0-84832200-1461254529.jpg post-8022-0-65350500-1461254536.jpg


After the whites and buff colors I moved on to a cold grey and pure black.  These are unusual colors for me, but since I had them out I used them.

post-8022-0-88283000-1461254569.jpg post-8022-0-07118000-1461254577.jpg


I added preliminary highlights to the Bob Ridolfi Ninja.  They are still pretty rough.

post-8022-0-41937700-1461254584.jpg post-8022-0-77005900-1461254591.jpg


I left some of the brown underneath showing through the elf thief's cape.

post-8022-0-94270600-1461254627.jpg post-8022-0-77024000-1461254636.jpg


Black and then grey highlights on the Metal Magic witch:

post-8022-0-53808800-1461254648.jpg post-8022-0-78778700-1461254666.jpg


Rough grey highlights on these two:

post-8022-0-63458500-1461254689.jpg post-8022-0-83489100-1461254695.jpg


post-8022-0-39803400-1461254703.jpg post-8022-0-61669100-1461254710.jpg

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Nice progress; they're coming along nicely.


Good eyes; I hadn't noticed the rangers feathered friend.

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A bit of bright orange added to the goblins (and a bit of rust on their helmets).  It's Mars Orange, not normally considered bright but really useful -- and apparently difficult to find in acrylics.  My go-to brand is Golden, but they don't carry this pigment.  This is Winsor & Newton and an old tube at that.




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    • By 72moonglum
      Hello again!
      here are two more Partha figures I've been working on, two half-elven Rangers sculpted probably by Jeff Grace way back in the nineties.  I'd actually started painting these figures years and years ago, but the eyes turned out horribly wrong on both of them, so I threw them into Pinesol. Recently though, they were sitting on my desk and I got inspired, so started painting them up.  They were pretty simple paint jobs, and once again, because I'm lazy, used the same paint scheme for both of them.  
      And here they are together:

    • By 72moonglum
      Hello again!
      here are the other two that I just finished, two elven fighters that Ran Partha did a while back.  They had a couple neat ideas, one was to have a male and female version of a race and class, and these two are the miniatures that are for the Male and Female Elven Fighters.  Not sure who the sculptor is on these, should probably find out.  
      I did them both with more or less identical color schemes, partly in the thought that it's the same adventurer just in a different male or female version and then also because it made my life easier with one color scheme instead of two.

      and here they are together:

      Anyhows, hope you enjoy!
    • By Rigel
      "So...Xiao Lu. You have expressed interest in this particular carp. Your purse is sufficient for the purchase. Nevertheless, I will only sell to a man with the proper appreciation of the fish, a scholar who can truly cherish it as it deserves.
      Tell me, Xiao Lu. What are the Noble Virtues of the carp?" 

      "Truly, Master Fang, only the injudicious man would sell such a precious gift to a fool.
      The different colors and patterns of the carp indicate different virtues, some those of the father, some of the mother, some of daughters or sons, or scholars or businessmen or soldiers.

      But the virtues common to all carp are:
      Firstly, courageous independence. It swims upstream, heading into the current always. An indomitable will to face what comes. A carp swimming downstream bodes ill; this is known to all.
      Secondly, prosperity. Their scales of gold, silver, platinum, and bronze are all auspicious, reflecting money and attracting luck. 
      Thirdly, fecundity.  Their fertility fills the rivers; does not their very name evoke abundance and plenty?  
      Fourthly, success and transformation through diligence and perseverance. As it is said, 'the carp has leapt through the Dragon's Gate.' With enough work, the carp may surmount even the waterfall that streams down the mountain. And does not the carp that passes the Dragon Gate itself become a dragon? So too will the man who applies himself become accomplished and recognized."

      These are two truly magnificent sculpts. The short fellow with the oval base is from an 80's-era Grenadier set of "Vile Villains." (He comes with a Casper Gutman/Sydney Greenstreet Fat Man and a tall trenchcoated fellow with beard and hat, perhaps a Rasputin figure? All very different heights and builds, which I appreciate.) Anyway, he's the star of the show. Those old minis had some fantastic detail work on the faces. And you have to love his long twisty fingernails. 

      Here's more of him:

      Dr. Fang was another sculpt I had to get when I heard Statuesque was discontinuing its Pulp Alley line. Very much in the Pei Mei / Fu Manchu line. The exact sort of person you think of when you hear the phrase "undying leaders of the cult in China." Definitely an old man whom it would be unwise to challenge. I had a lot of fun with the gradient (hey, Breast Cancer Pink in action!) and the koi on his robes. 

      Here's a thorough turnaround:

      The rear wall is GreenstuffWorld's "China" roller on foamboard, airbrushed. Heavily inspired by the opulent color gradients from "Curse of the Golden Flower" (a splendid palace tragedy). The aquaria are of course Chessex dice boxes and some stuff I had lying around. The koi pond is a metal lid from a tube of biscuit dough with a lick of paint and some 'Ardcoat. The lantern comes from the Tortoise Merchant and Drayman.

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