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77094: Trista, the White Wolf & 77029: Silverhorn, Unicorn


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Hi, I'm Laoke and you may remember me from such threads as Bones!  Do They Sink or Drown?  and Reaperbryan, Like Unto A Tiny God?.  I haven't been painting much of late:  been planning fiendish evil plans (mainly around swapping jobs, cities, and marrying the twisted evil artist of my dreams).  But a colleague of mine started a D&D campaign and asked if she could have a figure to represent her axe-wielding Paladin o'Shield Bashing Doomâ„¢.  And, like the fool I am, I said yes!

I took in my stash of human female fighters with shields, and she chose 77094: Trista, the White Wolf - I figured I could do a weapon swap easily enough, and I absolutely adore the figure.  My colleague is a russian living in New Zealand, so I went with a Red + Yellow motif for the figure.

First of all I put down the base coats: my apologies for the quality of the photos - my normal camera is in the shop.


post-9284-0-77159300-1458471316.jpg  post-9284-0-17494400-1458471480.jpg


Then I spent some time pretty much screwing the figure up and swapping the weapon out because I forgot to do it before I put down the base coat.  This is the finished result:  it's not what I'd consider my best work, but it was a lot of fun to get to this point : )


post-9284-0-58383200-1458471344.jpg  post-9284-0-84294900-1458471336.jpg


Also, I finished off a project I started last year:  77029: Silverhorn, Unicorn painted up from purple.

post-9284-0-13455600-1458471363.jpg  post-9284-0-63673000-1458471353.jpg

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