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I glazed some Hansa Yellow over the yellow one.  It's a semi-transparent bright lemon yellow that adds a greenish tinge when it goes over dark colors, even the browns that were here.  It softened the Mars Orange somewhat.

post-8022-0-05621900-1474551149.jpg post-8022-0-70973000-1474551156.jpg


I glazed some Quinacridone Magenta over the red one.

post-8022-0-87968700-1474551235.jpg post-8022-0-66670200-1474551242.jpg


I mixed and glazed some intense transparents reds and violets from Quinacridone Magenta and Phthalocyanine Blue and glazed more reds on the red one until it looked lacquered.

post-8022-0-13883600-1474551350.jpg post-8022-0-42496000-1474551358.jpg




I glazed sandy colors (various mixes of mostly Yellow Oxide with Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna, and Titanium White) onto the bases.




I lost my nerve on the red one and highlighted it with some Red Iron Oxide and Titanium White, but I think I have temporarily shifted it a bit too pink.  I washed some earth tones (mostly Burnt Sienna and Burnt Umber, not mixed but sort of marbled together) over the bases and staffs.  I took a soft grey (mixed from Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Sienna, and Titanium White) and laid it in on their garments and weapon points (and a bit on the ground).


post-8022-0-81772500-1474551830.jpg post-8022-0-15300300-1474551837.jpg


post-8022-0-00468000-1474551845.jpg post-8022-0-10210800-1474551852.jpg


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Top Posters In This Topic

I got the 03142: Zizzix, Mantis Warrior mini a few months ago and was wondering how to paint it as a Thri-kreen.


That WIP thread is a great source of inspiration, is there any chance to get some pictures of the finished minis ?

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14 hours ago, Shpam said:

I got the 03142: Zizzix, Mantis Warrior mini a few months ago and was wondering how to paint it as a Thri-kreen.


That WIP thread is a great source of inspiration, is there any chance to get some pictures of the finished minis ?


Wow. I'm amazed you found this thread.


As for "finished minis", ummm ...


(Looks at timestamp of last post) World events kind of knocked me off kilter for a while and I took some time off from the forum and hobbying.


These guys still aren't done, per se.


However, they have been sitting in my studio staring at me and they are further along than these photos. Give me a moment to organize my pictures and I can show where they are now.

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Hmm. I even have a few in-between pictures. Okay.


I finished their eyes. Above they have simple dots of pale chartreuse (yellow-green), probably a mix of Phthalo Green and Hansa Yellow Opaque.


I mixed a transparent dark green from Phthalo Green and Burnt Sienna, thinned it down, and used it to line their eye sockets, blending it over the chartreuse. Then I added tiny dots of pure Hansa Yellow Opaque, and over them a few dots of the transparent dark green mix. I haven't highlighted the eyes yet.







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I did what amounts to blacklining. I took pure Carbon Black (Burnt Umber, in the case of the yellow one), thinned it down, and painted it in all the nooks and crannies of those carapaces.


I also added tiny Titanium White highlights to the eyes.







I also washed some thinned-down Burnt Umber on the underparts of the yellow one's carapace as shadows.














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As a bonus figure in the thread, I got this DeepWars mini from Antimatter Games. It's one of their Clal-Chk, but darned if I  know which one. I can't seem to find it online. It's definitely one of theirs though.


It's bigger and more robust than the Reaper figures. I glued it to a 1.25 inch fender washer for stability. It seems to have a more swampy environment than the desert one suggested by the Reaper figures' bases.







Here are the three together for scale (at a slightly earlier stage of the painting):



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So I was just going to touch up the yellow one, since I noticed that what I had painted like a loincloth was actually just a belt. Its front fork should have been yellow.


But I kind of kept going with a nice highlight color that was mostly Yellow Ochre and Titanium White with a little Burnt Umber to take down the brightness. So I rather changed it.





Oh, and for future reference so I can refer to them as more than "the yellow one", "the red one", and "the green one":


"The yellow one" is Reaper's 03142: Zizzix, Mantis Warrior, sculpted by Michael Brower.


"The red one" is Reaper's 03552: Klichik, Mantis Warrior, sculpted by John Winter.


"The green one" is Antimatter Games' AMG SS4001: Slithack, Clal-Chk Scavenger, sculpted by Enos Kline for the Shadowsea game.


(And I could not find anything about it online. I just lucked into the packaging, which I had filed away and forgotten I had done so.)

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I noodled some greys all over "The Green One" (Antimatter Games' AMG SS4001: Slithack, Clal-Chk Scavenger), just to have some color on its armor etc. The greys are mixed from Burnt Sienna and Ultramarine Blue, lightened with Titanium White.





Then I mixed violets from Ultramarine Blue and Quinacridone Magenta, lightened with Titanium White, and laid down some color on their crystalline and alien tech.















The basic mixed violet without white in is transparent, so I glazed some darker on to intensify the color and I also lightened it through a few steps to an almost violet-white for highlights.












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