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Gamgan WIP - Arcadia Quest

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Been a while since I update!




I had been planning on doing this ever since I got the game a few months ago but when I saw Bum Kim's Zombicide thread, and his videos, it kickstarted my interest in doing mine. I had started with some random items but didn't start on the walls until this week.


Take a look at Bum Kim's great looking board over at his thread here:




Make sure to watch the videos, they are worth it.


I had already done stuff like make hammers for the Hammer Quest, and replaced my exploration tokens with mega blok treasure chest and made potions with polymer clay. (First few post)


This is what our game board looked like with just a few added "upgrades" Nothing special.




First I laid out a few blocks to try and figure out how many walls I would need and what type.



Then just started casting, and casting and casting. These are Hirst arts rubble and field stone molds.




Organized them to see how many I would need and what kind.




Dice landing all over the place so also started building a dice tower from the tutorial over at Hirst Arts.






Lots of little parts but was pretty easy to do following the online guide.


At first didn't know I would need 20!!!! Door ways. Ouch.

Tried to make one that looked like the Mino and Spearmen could fit into.



20 of these...




Started putting together the dice tower. Few stones are leaving gaps, will rip those out and re-glue.



Tower looks pretty neat, need to make the inside chutes next.




When I double checked what I would need of each section, I used a few blocks as guides.





Then I did a mock up of the last 4 maps to get an idea of what I would need.




It seems 22 Corner sections, 4 double, 12 single, and 20 door ways would be enough to make all the maps in the core game.


And to make sure they didn't over lap to badly, I measured out how long each section should be to fit with each other:



Test fitting an unfinished door.




To speed up setting up the board and to calculate what I would need with each, I did a cheat sheet for each map.




Using the Pokorny paints I purchased to paint my dwarven forge. I did the first 3 colors on these walls as a test. I want these wall sections to match my dwarven forge pieces so it was only fitting to paint them the same. ( If not I would have done a light brown to look more like outside walls instead of underground dungeon walls)




This only has the black primer, first wet brush of the base color, then a few stones painted differently. Missing 2 more dry brushes then a very strong sealing. Maybe a mix of Army painter dip ( or the home depo generic version) and then a testers dull coat spray.


Took these over to visit my inlaws, I sat on their kitchen floor and painted these while we chatted away.



That was before they sent me outside to cut the grass.............


Wanted to break up a few walls with skulls. I glued this one on early to see what it would look like but will end up painting it a bright white to keep it cartoony and chibi looking.





Washed my 20 treasure chest and will base coat them and paint them all to look the same. Still have a ton to go but trying to get all these ready before the next game day.




I didn't want to make floor tiles as I want to lay these on top of the original board to help with the spacing and keep my group from getting confused if they cant see each square they are standing on.


Still lots go and I have not even painted half the original minis yet although I have painted another 10 or so, will post pictures of these soon.

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