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I pledged for five sets plus quite a few add ons. All unpainted. I plan to paint the stone pieces the same as my KS1 pieces so I gain modularity. I will be starting with these since I will get the most use out of them early and because my Tudor paints aren't here yet (hopefully this week!).


Here is a picture of the stone pieces I am setting out to paint.



This has some ruins, and two bridges in the mix too.

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Yeah, I finished my KS1&2 stuff last year... I have 4xKS1 and 2xKS2 + a bunch of addons. For KS3 I only got the cottage and some battlements but I haven't gotten to those yet.


I really liked the pokorny method for this terrain, it works out well and is pretty easy (although time consuming due to shear volume). When I picked out stones, I did some with the earth stone then mixed in a little stone edge to lighten it a little and did a few more, just to vary things a little. I also painted my Dragons Don't Share ruined tower using the same paint scheme. I think it turned out well....

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I do not have  access to his paintline + I chose a slightly different approach, I painted the dungeon grey basic look with a color first as well. I noticed that if I change my mind (which I have) about the paintscheme a bit I cannot ever get the exact same color as dungeon grey anymore. This way I can just coat an entire piece with my own grey undercoat and get the same one.


Good progress so far dude!

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I am working my way through the pile...about half-done with the Earth Stone step picking out random stones. This is the most lengthy step and I am glad that I am doing it via assembly line, or I would likely not want to finish. Taking a break for a snack and to stretch my legs.


Paint is due to arrive tomorrow for the Tudor pieces. I will try and take a picture later of what I have done so far.

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The posts and walls have been MUCH slower going than I thought. 


All that is left are magnetic chimneys and ruins/rubble as seen below.


Here is the current state of things:






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Step 3 is going much better than Step 2 as far as the feeling of productivity goes. I am debating powering through it tonight.


The bottom stuff has been Drybrushed with Olive Drybrush:



On a side note, my four bottles of new paint arrived today. I may have to hold off on painting more pieces after the stone stuff, though. I have work that needs to be done (both around the house and work-work), and also this weekend's family plans seem to be expanding. 

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Tonight's progress ends with everything done with Step 3 except walls and narrow passageways. (Mostly the top left quarter of the previous photo).


The final stage will hopefully be the fastest. I am burned out on the one. Tudor/Streets/Sewers will likely have to wait for another set of vacation days...

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One whole finished tile before heading out to get an oil change. Hopefully I can get some serious progress on this tonight. Thought you guys might like a comparison shot though. 



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