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Dwarven Forge City Builder Terrain


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I now have 54 completely finished 4"x4" Streets tiles. The unfinished mosaic tiles and sidewalks are piled to the left. 


Here is all the finished tiles in a very quickly thrown together layout (note Sir Forscale near top left).



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Got the chance to play Zombicide today. We won Quest 4 only after drawing every single item card. 


The terrain makes this game even better than it already is. (Don't pay attention to the unpainted Tudor terrain)


Also, after scrambling before the game to paint everything, I still have the four mosaic tiles only half done, but everything else is completed for Streets.



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Awesome!  They look even better painted up for the game.  Now I'm jealous.  Thanks for posting.

Thanks! I can't lie, I was basking in the glory of the terrain during the game. Only wish I could have had more players to show off for :)

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Step 2 done for all tiles. (The completely done tiles are off to the side).




Also, here is a shot with unpainted sidewalks, painted streets, painted sewers, and painted stone building. Is this what you were wanting to see? 




Thanks! They are too big for street gutters. :(


Yes but they work as a sub levels or a moat...

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Wait till you get to the tudor walls....what a pain...Sad thing is I still feel I don't have enough....

Worse than stuff from the other sets?


Also, there is never enough with this kind of thing. Never.


Oh yes...Why you might ask. Well it doesn't matter if you paint the wood first or second. Getting a dark color on a light color is a pain to fix...and trust me...it will happen...unless you decide to use tape or something...I used an entire pot of Agrax earth shape for all my walls...
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