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A Skeleton Becomes an Egyptian Warrior and Legolas Becomes a Mongolian Archer

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 Nice...  The elf is actually originally one of the elves from Reaper's Warlord line, and then ended up as the "elf archer" in the Legendary Encounters prepaints...


Did you find it annoying trying to sculpt over the flexible plastic? I've used a couple of Bones as "armatures" for heavy conversions before, and the thinner parts of the human-sized ones were really annoying to sculpt over since they kept bending under the pressure needed to move the putty. :rolleyes:

When I first got the Bones II skellies, I started turning the unclothed one with the spear into an undead wizard, but that was before I made myself some better sculpting tools, so now I need to rework some parts of it before I finish it...

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Thanks, Citrine!  Glad you enjoyed them  :=)


I appreciate the ID work on the random elf mini, Mad Jack.  I actually had a really smooth go of things while working on the skeleton conversion ("fleshing it out" as I frequently joked while working on it).  Of course, I wasn't adding all that much weight with the Green Stuff and I use pretty light pressure for the most part when sculpting.  Looks like you have something rather cool going with that undead wizard!  Can't wait to see the finished product!

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Those are some really inventive conversions. I would never look at those two minis and see the potential for conversion in them that you did.  I really like the idea of adding flesh to a skeleton mini.. You are doing some miniatures forensic pathology there.

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Thanks, everyone!  I really appreciate the positive feedback.  It's very encouraging.  In all honesty, the creativity was somewhat born of necessity.  I was actually at the gaming store expecting to buy one of the avatar of ____________ minis to be my Egyptian soldier conversion, but they're really tall!  Therefore, I started scrambling through the rack looking for anything else that might be an option for the Egyptian warrior conversion.  Dumb luck definitely played a role  ;=)

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