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WIP's from the past month, Sculpted tree, Autumn Bronzeleaf, Angel of Shadow

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Attempt #2


I have been working on a few different things the past month. I started sculpting an old gnarly tree with some super sculpey and green stuff for the finer details. I plan on using it in a vignette or a small diorama.

I had more photo's of the work in progress but lost them all in a desktop pc mishap. These are photos taken today.


post-14632-0-98720800-1458765036_thumb.jpg     post-14632-0-13491700-1458765045_thumb.jpg


I also started on Autumn bronzeleaf and was almost done with her when I decided my paintjob wasn't doing her justice, so I dunked her in 99% alcohol for a few days and started over. This is just the fresh  ly airbrushed wolf grey primer. More to come in the coming days when I continue painting her.




And last but not least a work in progress on Angel of Shadow as a gift for a very dear friend of mine. The cast wasn't very good and the head didn't look right. I started to fix her with soem green stuff but ended up making it worse so I decided it was time for a head transplant. I found a perfect head in my Kingdom Death Pin-ups collection. Since I didn't want to sacrifice the whole miniature for just a head I started searching for my Oyumaru I used when I did 1/35 scale modeling. You all probably know it better as blue stuff. You put it in hot water for a while and it becomes this pliable mass which can be used to create molds. It took a few attempts to get the molds so it was almost perfect, but in the end I got one. When the mold had set I used green stuff to make a copy. I pinned the hardened copy to the angel body and worked the seem with some more green stuff.. I also created some extra strands of hair to make it all look like it belongs like this.  


post-14632-0-35357700-1458765705_thumb.jpg     post-14632-0-39629500-1458765801_thumb.jpg


post-14632-0-38269900-1458765806_thumb.jpg     post-14632-0-95533900-1458765810_thumb.jpg


She is far from done but so far I am really pleased with my work on her



Any C&C is as always much appreciated!




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Today I wrote myself a note at work:  Build a tree (thinking of a large one, a few minis high at least).  I think this is the tree I intend to build.  Yours is epic though.


Thanks.. with the next wip photos I'll put a mini next to it for scale.. its becoming pretty big

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Thank you all for the encouraging comments!


A little progress today on the Angel of Shadow. I have been procrastinating doing any real OSL for a long time, even when I was doing 1/35 scale stuff I always found an excuse not to do it.

This time I just started and hoped for the best. Since this is my first real attempt on OSL I would be very glad with any and all comments and critique. I read and watched a lot of tutorials, but some of you have been doing this for a long time and I really value those inputs! So without further ado, here are some photos.


post-14632-0-15290500-1458837768_thumb.jpg     post-14632-0-69031500-1458837759_thumb.jpg    



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last update of today.


I started on a base for the angel. Instead of the broccoli base, with which I absolutely had no idea what to do, I decided to have her land on a wall. I cut of the base, drilled a holes in a 45mm beech base and cut a piece of blue foam to size. I carved some stones in the foam and cut a piece of wire long enough to hold the angel and to stick it in the wooden base. So far I only put a gray base coat on the wall, but I am really tired..  Tomorrow I'll continue with the rest of the base and painting.


post-14632-0-18225400-1458853590_thumb.jpg     post-14632-0-52184500-1458853603_thumb.jpg     post-14632-0-50378500-1458853633_thumb.jpg

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The Angel of Shadow has a new home and was received with tears of joy ::):


I have been working some more on the tree sculpt. I took out my last batch of green stuff strips. I know I will never buy strips of green stuff again, the center always leaves these hard already cured chunks in it and always I loose more blue than yellow with cutting it out.


Anyway.. After I had it separated I used the middle with the chunks to fill some of the bottom of the tree, figuring it won't be visible when it is mounted on the piece I am working on.



post-14632-0-80321400-1459359415_thumb.jpg     post-14632-0-66698500-1459359423_thumb.jpg


This is where it is at at the moment.. Some small things left to do, but it is almost ready for a basecoat. Autumn Bronzeleaf was added to get a sense of scale


post-14632-0-36093100-1459359428_thumb.jpg     post-14632-0-25893800-1459359433_thumb.jpg


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