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WIP's from the past month, Sculpted tree, Autumn Bronzeleaf, Angel of Shadow

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Attempt #2


I have been working on a few different things the past month. I started sculpting an old gnarly tree with some super sculpey and green stuff for the finer details. I plan on using it in a vignette or a small diorama.

I had more photo's of the work in progress but lost them all in a desktop pc mishap. These are photos taken today.


post-14632-0-98720800-1458765036_thumb.jpg     post-14632-0-13491700-1458765045_thumb.jpg


I also started on Autumn bronzeleaf and was almost done with her when I decided my paintjob wasn't doing her justice, so I dunked her in 99% alcohol for a few days and started over. This is just the fresh  ly airbrushed wolf grey primer. More to come in the coming days when I continue painting her.




And last but not least a work in progress on Angel of Shadow as a gift for a very dear friend of mine. The cast wasn't very good and the head didn't look right. I started to fix her with soem green stuff but ended up making it worse so I decided it was time for a head transplant. I found a perfect head in my Kingdom Death Pin-ups collection. Since I didn't want to sacrifice the whole miniature for just a head I started searching for my Oyumaru I used when I did 1/35 scale modeling. You all probably know it better as blue stuff. You put it in hot water for a while and it becomes this pliable mass which can be used to create molds. It took a few attempts to get the molds so it was almost perfect, but in the end I got one. When the mold had set I used green stuff to make a copy. I pinned the hardened copy to the angel body and worked the seem with some more green stuff.. I also created some extra strands of hair to make it all look like it belongs like this.  


post-14632-0-35357700-1458765705_thumb.jpg     post-14632-0-39629500-1458765801_thumb.jpg


post-14632-0-38269900-1458765806_thumb.jpg     post-14632-0-95533900-1458765810_thumb.jpg


She is far from done but so far I am really pleased with my work on her



Any C&C is as always much appreciated!




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Today I wrote myself a note at work:  Build a tree (thinking of a large one, a few minis high at least).  I think this is the tree I intend to build.  Yours is epic though.

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Today I wrote myself a note at work:  Build a tree (thinking of a large one, a few minis high at least).  I think this is the tree I intend to build.  Yours is epic though.


Thanks.. with the next wip photos I'll put a mini next to it for scale.. its becoming pretty big

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Sweet tree! I like the choice of head on the angel, I'm not a fan of the original head. Are you going to attempt osl on the lantern?

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Thank you all for the encouraging comments!


A little progress today on the Angel of Shadow. I have been procrastinating doing any real OSL for a long time, even when I was doing 1/35 scale stuff I always found an excuse not to do it.

This time I just started and hoped for the best. Since this is my first real attempt on OSL I would be very glad with any and all comments and critique. I read and watched a lot of tutorials, but some of you have been doing this for a long time and I really value those inputs! So without further ado, here are some photos.


post-14632-0-15290500-1458837768_thumb.jpg     post-14632-0-69031500-1458837759_thumb.jpg    



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last update of today.


I started on a base for the angel. Instead of the broccoli base, with which I absolutely had no idea what to do, I decided to have her land on a wall. I cut of the base, drilled a holes in a 45mm beech base and cut a piece of blue foam to size. I carved some stones in the foam and cut a piece of wire long enough to hold the angel and to stick it in the wooden base. So far I only put a gray base coat on the wall, but I am really tired..  Tomorrow I'll continue with the rest of the base and painting.


post-14632-0-18225400-1458853590_thumb.jpg     post-14632-0-52184500-1458853603_thumb.jpg     post-14632-0-50378500-1458853633_thumb.jpg

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The Angel of Shadow has a new home and was received with tears of joy ::):


I have been working some more on the tree sculpt. I took out my last batch of green stuff strips. I know I will never buy strips of green stuff again, the center always leaves these hard already cured chunks in it and always I loose more blue than yellow with cutting it out.


Anyway.. After I had it separated I used the middle with the chunks to fill some of the bottom of the tree, figuring it won't be visible when it is mounted on the piece I am working on.



post-14632-0-80321400-1459359415_thumb.jpg     post-14632-0-66698500-1459359423_thumb.jpg


This is where it is at at the moment.. Some small things left to do, but it is almost ready for a basecoat. Autumn Bronzeleaf was added to get a sense of scale


post-14632-0-36093100-1459359428_thumb.jpg     post-14632-0-25893800-1459359433_thumb.jpg


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    • By SparrowMarie
      I painted up some angels, this is the first time I've painted feathers that I can recall. This is also my first attempt at painting marble. My eyes are slowly getting better.
      Edit: There are some better pics of the second and third angels a few posts down.


      Angel of Shadow:


      Angel of Protection:


    • By SpiritOfMadness
      Hey everyone,
      Here are some more photo's from the WIP
      The only thing missing is a wooden round sockel I ordered, but that will take another week at least before it will be back in stock and then shipped.
      She was a valentine gift for my girlfriend and she really loves her. Hope you all do too!
      Linked for nudity and made new photos

      Any C&C is as always very welcome!
    • By SGHawkins09
      I made this small diorama for cerebro1974, one of my Fall Exchange partners. A few things he mentioned he wanted were a female Druid, Goblins, or a creative small diorama. In the inspiration section he mentioned a fondness for Autumn Bronzeleaf and that goblins are a part of his campaign. In regards to a diorama he wanted to see what someone would do with the words Coastal, Cold, and Danger as inspiration. While I sat there thinking about what to do, my mind put together all of the above and went a little crazy. What he received was a result of that craziness.
      So the story is that some how Autumn found herself on the bad side of some goblins and ran north thinking to escape them. What she found there was that the southern goblins have northern cousins who were more than happy to take up the hunt. After days of running she has found herself with her back to the water and three goblins in front of her. But she has a plan.
      Any input would be appreciated.

    • By LittleBluberry
      My earlier WIP experiment proved that I paint more regularly when I've got a little accountability.  (I also paint more when my kids are at school, which will soon be the case once again.)  I decided that I should start a WIP for the two pieces I was most interested in finishing, since they're somewhat related. 
      I plan to use similar terrain for both, namely Pacific Northwest coastal.  I'm also hoping to level up my basing skills and incorporate some water effect and possibly try to replicate some of the lush fern-type vegetation.  Since these are both Bones, I'm not going to worry too much about achieving master-level quality of the paint job, especially since poor Autumn has some sort of skin condition that needs a lot of attention.  These two are about getting something painted and learning more basing skills. 
      Autumn was already started with a coat of Brown Liner and all of her base-coats down.  If you look closely you can still see bumps on her nose, forehead, chest and leg.  There was a lot of bumpiness all down the left side, I already smoothed out her left cheek with my hobby knife, then applied liner, sealer, basecoat, sealer, sealer.  She started out as a quick stand in for a PC that is a druid with a water domain, but she's getting a little more love and attention than was originally planned. 
      This Spirit of the Forest was in my Christmas stocking last year, and has been sitting on my shelf waiting since then.  He's just got a coat of Brown Liner for now.  He really doesn't need a base, but I want to do one so we'll see.  I was hoping to have some of the new 3" rounds from the second Bones Kickstarter for him, but if I get impatient I might have to figure out something else. 

    • By dsmiles
      My latest side project, Reaper's Angel of Shadow (02961):



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