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I finished another trio of Talisman minis. I painted these pretty quickly, even the elementalist where I tried to be a little more creative.


First up is the knight:


It's a nice little figure. I did tint the metal purple and teal, though it isn't too obvious from the pics. I ended up going a little heavier with the black wash on the shield, that provided more contrast than the tint. I'm very happy with the colours of the cloak, I used the Reaper Spattered Crimson, Gory Red and Fresh Blood triad. This was one of the minis that was base coated black before my buddy bought them, so it took a few thick coats of the crimson before I could use the other colours. In hindsight I should have re-basecoated it with grey, I've seen the trouble red has covering a dark colour before.


Next up is the monk:


I was worried this wouldn't look good, since he is basically in plain robes and has hair the same colour, but it turned out okay. I used Terran Khaki for the robes. This is actually a really nice mini. It also was base coated in a satiny black, so the details weren't obvious, but it has lots of great detail. He is holding a talisman on a rosary-styled chain in his hand, along with a backpack, bedroll, sheathed hatchet, cook-pot, drinking stein and waterskin on his back. It looks better in person, I used Pale Skin for the flesh, he doesn't actually look like a zombie, and his robes look a bit browner and closer to the concept shade.


Finally is the elementalist:


I was pretty disappointed by this mini. The concept art has a fiery phoenix and a predatory fish, while the mini only has a couple of flaming balls. He is an elf, and has some odd headpiece. Also, I couldn't even tell the colour of his armour and cloak from the art. Of course this just made me less worried about how he turned out. I decided his armour looked green, so I used Reaper's olive triad for that, and mixed some Terran Khaki in with the olive to make the cloak. Then I played around with trying to make blue and orange flames, and did my first try at OSL. I have It didn't turn out perfect (far from it), but it did at least give the impression I was looking for, so overall I'm pretty happy with it.


And here's a group shot:post-9243-0-50137300-1458822014_thumb.jpg

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I was reading a comment Jasonator made in another thread about photography backgrounds so I tried it out. The pics I have been taking I used a grey envelope I had lying around. I used a dark grey background and it made a huge difference. Here are the three reshot with the same light/camera, just the darker background. What is amazing to me is how the shadows have almost disappeared. Also, the brownish colour of the monk's robe is much closer to how it looks to the naked eye. Oddly, the elementalist looks least like the actual figure, as the orange looks much closer to the the original shots with the naked eye. Another oddity to me is the darker background actually looks lighter than the original, much lighter one in the pics.




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