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50147: General Drake

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50147: General Drake

Sculpted by Bobby Jackson 


I went with the non-broccoli base version. I got inspired to this one after a Battletech game that involved the rescue of a general. 


Now I do the Massive Voodoo 2-step priming method. It really helps me to wrap my mind around the shading. 


  1. 2-Step priming then grey Scaled the photo. 
  2. I did some white, diluted, and began bring up all the light spots for even more contrast.
  3. Diluted Ginger Bread Brown(2:1 -water): With a focus of lifting the brush off in the darker areas. The Real Magic is applying a Brown Wash (3:1 - using Flow Improver(FI)) to the entire jacket.
  4. Multi-stepped process: Taking a New color from the CAV:SO KS I use it to trim the appropriate areas. I then when over them with Leather White. Next I under Brown Wash again (2:1 - water). Re-highlighted with Leather white. Dry Brushed leather white along the bottom of the jack. The photo doesn't display the effect very well.  Then Re-washed in a 4:1 Brown Wash, until it all blended. Finally I took a VJ Brown and use it in the mid section of the highlights to give the Leather a multi-toned effect.

1.}post-13341-0-17463600-1458846388.jpg 2.}post-13341-0-17399800-1458846390.jpg


3.}post-13341-0-16844100-1458855406.jpg 4.}post-13341-0-74011500-1458856665.jpg


I'm still not done with it but I'm pleased with the effect. I used Massive Voodoo's Leather Tut. for inspiration and some photo's of Worn learn. 


My efforts lately have been to do it in a timely manner. I would say I did that in less that 20 mins. But I was watching Netflix and screwing around so it was about an hour. :P

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I've always liked that figure and need to pick him up for my WWII project.  I've seen the MV tutorial on priming, but have yet to try it myself.  The leather coat is looking good so far.  It's getting that aged, worn comfortable look.

Thanks Anne. That's what I'm shooting. I need to add more dark spots and what not. 

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I got more work done last night. Did have much time so I worked more on the jacket and started on the boots, belt and holster. 


5. I Painted the boots Ginger bread.Then using Ruddy Leather I washed it. It's not even close to finished. I'm going for a deep dark Red leather.

6. This shot is to show off the jacket. I was thoroughly pleased how it turned out. I actually took a photo from last time and change the Curve in the color. I liked it so much I used it as the reference. I got it darn near exact. 





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My painting is getting faster. I don't mean in terms of posting this cause those two things do not line up, with me. ::P: What I mean is got these paints and boots done in under 40 mins. I would say I sat at my desk for an hour but then actual paint time was <40mins - i'm rounding up.


  1. Using my original Duel-Priming as a guide I then paint the pants with Terrain Khaki
  2. After that I used Leather while to lighten up the khaki to make a mid-tone then using diluted Leather White I finished off the upper highlights.
  3. BOOTS: Originally painted Ginger Bread Brown then with Ruddy Leather. Then added some Big Top Red to Ruddy leather and diluted it and washed it. The Big top red wash helped to give the leather boots a leather looked without matching the jacket. I was really going for a different leather look. If you type in "General Patton" into a search you'll see the model I'm painting after.
  4. After that I used Reaper Brown Wash to put in the shadows in.
  5. and finally with Bone White I added the white reflection marks giving it a higher polished boots look. Or at least I hope. I think I need to put it a bit more.

Over All I feel like it looks good but I think It might need to be brighter. I'm contemplating leaving it in a effort to keep my paint speed faster. I came to the conclusion that "it does look good even though my perfectionist nature want to keep working on it.


The green on the jacket is just a base color. I wanted to see it with some color on it. I haven't done any work on it yet.



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So it's been a very long time since I touched this piece... No idea why but I picked it back up and "went to town" on it! 


Worked on the jacket and duster. Unfortunately, my camera didn't capture the coloration i added to the duster as well as I would like. It pops a lot more than the camera lets on. Although you can see I have improved it. 


Funny thing about this, I think my skill at painting has increased since last I touched this piece. haha. 


I re-did the color on the jacket and did highlights and lows. One thing I attempted to do is make the brim of the hat reflect like it was a glossy military hat.. What do you think? I primed the buckle and hat piece yellow... still not sure what to do with it though. The duster got a brand new coat of browns and washes. I'll update this later with the exact paints and what not. I have forgotten what I used. (I think i'm just going to take pictures of the paints..hahah)


  • Oiled Leather: diluted to about 2:1 or more.. hit on all the raised areas.
  • Glazed in Charred Brown focusing on pushing for the recesses
  • Wash in Reaper Brown Wash, also pushing for the recesses. The brown wash was the tone down the Charred brown in the "shadows" or worn down sections.
  • Military green on the jacket. I lighten it up with a sample color I got it that was a super light shade of an OD green. You can see it on the highlights as well.
  • The reflection on the hat brim is with Leather White. I typically never use Pure White for anything but extremes.


I think I will try taking another picture and capture the actual color contrast.


What you guys and gals think?

8 General Drake FRONT Jacket HAT cigar etc.jpg9 General Drake BACK duster hat.jpg

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added paint bulletin
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12 hours ago, CorallineAlgae said:

That broken in brown leather jacket is outstanding! Also diggin' the green jacket. Great work Arc.

Thanks! That picture does not do it justice, to be honest, the contrast looks better than the picture is showing. 


FYI I just updated the last post with the paints I used.

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Did his eye and worked on the medals on his chest. Also, I worked on his belt buckle and did not like it. Didn't like the entire texture of the pewter either so i CAREFULLY filed, scraped and overall changed it to a completely flat surface then re painted it yellow.


I need to look up how to paint gold and oval or round  flat objects...


You can also see the attempted i did on the brim of the hat for reflection.


reworked his face too. I was not liking the way it was heading so I did a trick I pictured up here and used diluted Old West Rose paint and washed it. Then Ginger bread and smoothed it out. This upper highlights with diluted leather white. Turned out well.



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19 hours ago, Xherman1964 said:

Well done!


As for the oval flat gold, treat it a bit like a yellow gem.

Ah, great idea THANK YOU!


 I tried it last night. Worked on it for about an hour. This is apparently new to me. HA! Not finished but I'm trying. I'll post pictures later on.

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