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Building some terrain on a snowy day: 1/4 scale.

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I decided to build some terrain on a a snowy day.

It started as a cave for a monkey spirit:  10:38 am 



A few hours later I expanded it to a tower with battlements,  Nathvarr came out for a look-see. 3:23 pm 



Then some princess finally came out to help.   With more occupants some expansion was necessary. 4:20 pm 





Then I had to go make dinner.  The princesses took possession, later inviting a young prince to help. 

The castle survived their occupation. 


2 days later:



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I Princess Sam was in the picture holding the baby  (Monkey Spirit) named kate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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That's a hefty piece to bring to the table.  What did you use for the snow?  It looks absolutely real!


I found the material on the side of the road. I think it was a 2:1 mixture of H and O.

a woman was pushing it around with her truck but had lost interest by the time I started working with it. 

She did come back later and take pictures. 



Nice way to combine work and quality parenting time!


Monkey Spirit ended up with 3 changes of pants, because some of the material melted into puddles, which needed vigorous exploration.

The Princess was stuck in her personal library most of the day, and required persuasion to assist.  (she finished a dozen books since a trip to the library on Tuesday.)  She also wrangled the monkey spirit during some of the construction phases. 


It is supposed to be a warm day today, with more material arriving tomorrow.  A second day of work is warranted I think. 
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More contrast if you want to win an award! Lol :;):


Seriously this is awesome and brings back memories of building forts in the snowbanks when I was growing up in Northern Michigan. Very COOL ! ::):

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Final pictures: 

built the second tower in a great burst of energy this morning but by afternoon the whole castle was sagging. 

Two of the princesses returned to help, but instability made it less fun to play on. 


Hopefully we get more snow and less rain tonight. 


at 6' high and 16 ' long it is my largest snow creation. 


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Pushed out the left wall, carved out more of the lower room (until I saw daylight), replaced the melting battlements 

and added some rear walls. completing the rear wall would probably kill a bush. 


Now really, now I'm done.




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