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SECRET SOPHIE WIP (Warning Pic Heavy in Spoilers)

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Been bulking up the tree. I made a "curing stand" for it out of Sculpey so my kids could get their Legos back.






Have also started to extend the roots a bit. Going to bulk up the tree a bit more, add some extensions on the roots and a bit more gnarled, and need to bulk out the branch bases. One branch had some greenstuff break off, so that will need to be repaired.


The different colors of green: the lighter green is a mix of Milliput and Greenstuff. Made it very easy to work, but dried rather brittle. I'd like to try Apoxie sculpt, but need to be stingy on what I buy right now. I had to buy more greenstuff because I'm almost out and need to finish the tree.




Comments, suggestions, observations, and critiques are, as always, appreciated.

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I'm still working on it. Here's a sketch I made during a meeting (I had two days of all day meetings... had to keep myself awake somehow...):





Let's see if you can read my chicken scratch handwriting... 





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Had to dust it off some, and used my W&N7 size 2 for the first time. Not bad, but will take some time getting used to it. I couldn't find my size 0. It's... somewhere... :unsure:


Worked on the ghostly faces that appear all over the Spectre. Many are in an area that are a PITA to get to. Some of them have sharp, pointy teeth, so I picked those out in the same color as the eyes, and will use clear yellow to give them a glow effect (I hope) in the end. I will not be adding pupils to the eyes. Sealed with Dullcoate after taking the pictures. Still some work to do on it, but hey, I painted tonight! Yay!


Note: I put the pictures in spoilers in order to help those on limited data plans or whatnot. Comments and constructive critiques are much welcome.





Went back over the orange with Pumpkin Orange (I really love this color), did a wee little two brush wet blending, and picked out all the many eyes with Pro Paint Buckskin. Also did a wash with a mix of Pro Dragon black mixed with MSP Clotted Red on the mouths. Took several pictures of various angles.

















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