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SECRET SOPHIE WIP (Warning Pic Heavy in Spoilers)

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More work!


Trying to smooth some of my basecoats and get some more areas finished. Had a spectacular Oh Fudgebuckets moment where knarthex actually heard me use the Really Bad Cusswords when the yellow postertack failed and the mini fell into my wet paint::o:


Luckily only the base landed in any paint (for which I was most thankful), but much cursing was heard.  :ph34r:


Tonight I was using the main base colors, Peacock Green, Imperial Purple, and Pumpkin Orange with Buckskin for the highlights. Many layers were had, but I think the area I worked in is looking much better.





Here's the area I worked in tonight, prior to doing anything:





Here's after:





The whole mini in relation, showing where I worked.







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More painting.


Worked on the left side top today, mostly in the back. Also used Pro Paint Mandarin Orange on the eyes.





Mandarin Orange is a lovely color from the Reaper Pro Paint Silks and Satins line. It's a very pale orange.



Here are slightly better shots, though the color looks more gold than it really is.





Under the main "mouth" of the Haunt is another face that's really hard to reach.



And on the side of the Haunt's face, there are two faces, near the mouth, plus another tucked far in the back.





Several faces in the back, as well. Also, here you can see where most of my work for today was done on the right side of the back.



Better shot, and a good shot of one face that was giving me fits. Notice near the bottom, where I didn't work, nothing has been smoothed or blended. That's what a bulk of the work is now... taking these "base coats" and blending them so it flows with the mini.



More of the back, and you can see on the upright skellie on the left how I "gored out" the tendrils of the Haunt that is invading it's skull.



Another shot. Also a skull up top with similar tendrils. Also scary faces!







Comments and critiques welcome! Thanks for looking!

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This mini is far more complex and detailed than I thought.


I love how you emphasized on those tendrils going into the skeleton's skull.


It's a very good piece.


Any thoughts about basing yet?

Might I advice something a bit dark so the piece will stand out?


Personally I have used a mix of different tea leaves on a earth colour basecoat and a little darker green rairoad sands.

Works nice for Undead.


Some examples where I used this for reference:







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I talk about the base earlier in the thread. Going swamp.


And yes, I thought this would be an easy mini to paint, until I started on it and saw the faces. So much detail and oddness to it.

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