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SECRET SOPHIE WIP (Warning Pic Heavy in Spoilers)

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I talk about the base earlier in the thread. Going swamp.


And yes, I thought this would be an easy mini to paint, until I started on it and saw the faces. So much detail and oddness to it.




That's very cool ( missed that somehow).


I based an entire mixed regiment of Undead in a Swamp,


For inspiration:



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No pics tonight, since I didn't do a whole lot. I found my Reaper Pro Fireglow. :wub: I went over all the eyes with it and they look more cohesive now that they're more orange. I may attempt some OSL around them once everything else is done, but dunno yet. We'll see.


Did some minimal blending type stuff. Progress is slow, but that's because I'm so particular. I will go over an area 20* times until it's how I want it to be.






* Goblin Math

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And more painting, but not a lot of progress. Right now I'm trying to get colors where they need to be before finishing up the end blending. Not sure if that makes sense, but it does to me so that's what counts. ^_^


What does that word mean? :upside: :upside: :upside:



Isn't that coins?  :upside:

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Sense- any of the faculties by which humans and animals perceive stimuli originating from outside or inside the body.


For example:



Sight- when you see a bottle of paint that you want


Hearing- that sound when you open the bottle for the first time


Smell- that wonderful odour of fine acrylic paints


Taste- what you do when you try out the paint's flavour for the first time


Touch- what you feel when Lady Pingo clocks you over the head for doing such a boneheaded thing in the first place



I hope this description has been illuminating.

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