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77020 Bathalian D'khul

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One of my current projects. The picture's showing me some ugly details, but that's hardly surprising. ::): Lots of work left to go. My thought on the cloak is to mix Viper Green with the base of Vallejo Dark Sea Blue (the way I mixed Dragon Blue with Dark Sea Blue for the robe)... I suspect it'll look a little weird but I want this guy to end up looking a bit weird... As long as he doesn't actually look bad I'll be OK with it. ::):

Any thoughts or suggestions?



Edit: Show-off!

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You can make the pattern by doing medium-large black dots, then slightly smaller bright blue dots on them, then black dots in the middle.  Maybe dark rust-brown dots inside those.

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Thanks for the tip, Pingo! Might try it out on the next one. I think this guy's going to stay fairly monochromatic though. :;):


Got a bit more done yesterday before going to a party. Today I think I'll start on the staff, and maybe see if I can smooth out some of those blends... ::):




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