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What would YOU say to a newbie?

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Never give up, Never surrender!


Tim Alan - Galaxy Quest

And when you get yourself in trouble you can't handle, there's always the Omega-13 device, a.k.a. the Pine-Sol bath. :;):

Ew, not Pinesol. Simple Green. Pinesol leaves a sticky mess that's a pain to get off. Simple Green strips clean.

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A few specific pointers for basic paintjobs:


To do a metallic Iron: undercoat the silver with BLACK.


To do Gold: undercoat with black, then paint the highlight areas of the undercoat with yellow, or you'll end up with brass instead of gold.


Yellow and flesh are usually terrible at covering darker colours, give them a basecoat of white (or a pale colour that tones in well) as a GENERAL rule.


Red is brighter if painted over yellow or bright orange, but some people prefer a black undercoat for reds as it makes shading easier. Brown can be used to deep-shade red for a warm muted look.



This is stuff that has worked for me or been brought to my attention by superior painters. Use it to come up with your own combinations.

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