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I had no intention of completing another mini (let alone a mouseling) this week.

I just started working on her, and laughing, and giggling, and well.  She got finished.

I had a base in a baggie that I thought I would never have a use for, and well, I did !


So here we have Lara Kraft, Adventuress by G. Van Horne.

I have the picture of her in my mind breaking into a lair of bad guys, jumping onto the pillar at

the top of a staircase, and taking them all on !


I thought the gym outfit would fit her spontaneous spirit.


Your comments/ and criticism is great appreciated.

Do leave me a comment, I love getting your input.








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She is very cute, and surprisingly well-paired with the ... alien pod base? I think you did an unexpected and effective thing with her eyes.

Thanks  Pingo;

I was really fighting the white fur.  It wanted me to go "bright white...which looked phoney"..  So I kept going lighter and lighter on the gray scale.

Interesting you picked up on the eyes, I did a little pink spot, and then washed darker around they eye to put the outside in shadow.

I think that is what you are mentioning.  White is so difficult to use, made me prance through my paces.

Thanks for your input.

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It is easy to tell you had FUN* with the Furry Girl. I LOVE the colors & the base (it's things you know you'll have a use for that never get used). She is WELL & IMAGINATIVELY DONE!


*I can't imagine you doing anything that you didn't have fun doing. You are one of the most upbeat people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

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It is easy to tell you had FUN* with the Furry Girl. I LOVE the colors & the base (it's things you know you'll have a use for that never get used). She is WELL & IMAGINATIVELY DONE!


*I can't imagine you doing anything that you didn't have fun doing. You are one of the most upbeat people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Thanks Malafactus !

I can say the same thing about you and your creations. 

The differences between Lara Kraft and the "Half Orc Warrior" are night and day.  Color and base wise !

But you are right.. I had a blast doing each of them.

Thanks for the kind words. !!

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